Trying vs Allowing ~ The Way to Go With The Flow ~ July 24, 2017

Rose Rambles...

This is a truly great post for me to read as the author touches some of the core concepts I have been experiencing in my own life lately. Despite all the books and articles I have read, I really enjoyed the special touch Vera uses in describing the difference between trying and allowing! I think you will enjoy reading this as well.

So…please read, relax and “let go”, and…


By Vera Ingeborg, 07/24/2017

I am very grateful that you can find most of my blogs as an audio version on the youtube channel Higher Self

My oh my… these times lately are really something. It is hard to even express in words what happens because things move so fast and shift so quickly. The concept of linear time dissolves more and more and we are moving into a living from moment to moment. We realize that the…

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