MICHELLE A : By turning away we unlock the keys that are binding us here

Remember: Creator said “When the time comes we must walk away from the path of violence and bloodshed…and the time will come.” Make the choice. Love to all.









Male Relative wanted to share bits of Wisdom from the Creator from a recent encounter.

Creator reminded him that we are responsible for turning away from the evil. By turning away we unlock the keys that are binding us here.

Creator told him that we have seen enough and actually more than enough bloodshed, war and evilness. He understand that we must endure right now but advised twice the following information:

“When the time comes, walk away from the path of violence and bloodshed… and the time will come and there will be a choice.”

MR was also advised on the nature of evil. Creator explained there are seven key pieces of evil. Many are being dealt with right now and we have been told of these. The entities of Yaldaboath and others. There are a few entities not normally thought…

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We need a body to experience LIFE

DNA is the light codes of spark

Both go hand in hand in creation … blueprints of LIFE

We need a creation too … NATURE

We are here to free the Original intent

And the Mother (daughter) Aeon of Creation … SOPHIA KI

We are to go back home … FREE TO MOVE ON



Athena or Athene, often given the epithet Pallas, is the goddess of wisdom, craft, and war in ancient Greek religion and mythology.

In later times, Athena was syncretized with the Roman goddess Minerva.

Athena was portrayed as having a calm temperament.

She was believed to only fight for just causes and never fight without a purpose.

Athena also helped Hercules at many points during…

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You Create Your Reality ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

Rainbow Wave of Light


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

This is a time for you all to reflect upon the lives that you have led up until this moment. It is a time for you to examine decisions that you’ve made and where you have been able to overcome obstacles. Now is a time for you all to begin to accept that from this point forward, the life that you will be living will be your creation.

The life that you will live from this point forward has nothing to do with a blueprint that was in place before you incarnated. You are awakened creator beings who understand vibration, and that is all you need to put yourselves on the timeline that you want to be on to manifest circumstances, events, and people into your lives.

It is a time for you to react…

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The Return to Unity Consciousness ~ August 20, 2017

The return of the mature masculine, the energy of doing, manifesting without any need of control.

Rose Rambles...

Vera Ingeborg – We are in the middle of the bifurcation of timelines and realities shift. Old timelines collapse and there is no way back. While many of the early adapters are still feeling huge bi-polar shifts between the two realities and between love and fear, first movers are now entering more and more an energetic state of being that is called zero-point. The place where we are only observing, allowing and are moving along with the energetic flow without being entangled with any of the drama, stories and illusions of the old paradigm. We enter these points shortly before big energetic shifts – individually and collectively.

We have reached the critical mass now. The amount of people that went through their awakening process and have anchored themselves on higher frequency levels. The critical mass to cause a ripple effect to cause the grand awakening of the human collective. The…

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Eclipse Conversation with Suzanne Lie and David K. Miller of the Group of Forty ~ August 20, 2017

Rose Rambles...

Hello, this is Suzanne Lie, and I’m talking again with David Miller and we are going to talk about the Eclipse.
Hello, this is David, and I’m happy to be here today, and I’m going to begin the channeling with Juliano on the Eclipse. (Toning sounds and Shalom, Shalom, Shalom).
J: Greetings, I am Juliano. We are the Arcturians. So we look at the eclipse as a partial intersection of the dimensions. And, we note that this is an alignment of the sun and new moon.
Alignments have the ability to pierce veils and go through blocks and go through falsehoods.
The alignments also have the potential of opening doorways. This particular eclipse is a planetary influencer. By that I mean that this eclipse of the moon and the sun called the solar eclipse will have a dramatic and culminating effect on the systems of the planet, including the economic, political, social and environmental systems.

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