“Be Still And Know That YOU Are God”

Sasquatch Close Encounter Network for Interspecies Communication

“Be still and know that YOU are God”
A message from Yeshua(Jesus Christ)

“Greetings to all my brothers and sisters of God. To you I know who is receiving this message at this time. I know that all viewing this message it is either a personal one for them or it is one that you will give to others. It is a good time for me to speak to you through Mike. It is a good time for this truth to once again be told to you. For now is the time to empower yourselves as the devine beings you are. To rise up as I did and claim who you are. Too long have my brothers and sisters disempowered themselves to others. Too long you have listened to the false prophets that tell you you are unworthy. Too long you have seen yourself as powerless in creating the outcomes…

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Untwine: Ending the Contract System | Recreating Balance

Forever Unlimited

I was reminded of this, and thought it would be a good time to review it, since we are close to breakthrough. ~PB

Friday, December 11, 2015

Ending the Contract System by Untwine
| Recreating Balance

One of the major tool of the Earth prison system has been to manipulate people to get their free will agreement on their own enslavement. This can be easily seen with mass media manipulations, however there is a deeper and more important layer to this, which is all the contracts that have been signed by the people
over the many thousands of years in the Earth prison system.
When we die, we dot not automatically ascend, have all our issues solved magically, merge with our Soul/Spirit, and get out of the Earth prison. What happens instead is we cross over to the the density above us. Densities are states of matter, the most dense…

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Welcome to the High Energy, Very Electric Fields of July, Thru YOU!!

The Shift of Time and Energy!

electrical energy

Welcome to the hazy dazy time of July!!!  The last day of June had me experience something that was so amazing, so surprising that having to reschedule that day, seemed ok for a change.  My very first appointment, a virgin on my field!  As I do with every new person in a reading, I was explaining to her how I do a reading and what she can and cannot do (please note, there is nothing you cannot do lol) and suddenly it was like this massive, penetrating, beautiful energy started pushing against me, and I realized it was completely pushing me away from her field.  I tried the connection anywayz!!  Same thing only I could see all kinds of sparks of energy flying everywhere.  I fully understood that her soul was pushing me away in a very protective manor.  I could have hung there in that push all day long…

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Wow! My personal message from ONE ~ July 1, 2018

Rose Rambles...

There I was in bed on Sunday morning, when something prompted me to get up and write. I got up and turned our Wi-Fi back on, but didn’t want to wait for the computer system to come up, so I grabbed a pen and paper on my night stand (I had been recording dreams),and this is what flowed out with no conscious thought:

“This is ONE”..You are loved. It is time for you to understand Who you really ARE. You 3D life is done, finished and over. You must focus on 5D life and principles which do not include 3D principles.

Your former boss and work experience will be “taken care of” by others. Let go, and see the light shining on that situation by others. Your livelihood will stem from 5D activity. This will be made known to you in the month of July.

Do not worry as you…

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Stacking the Odds Against Yourselves ∞ The Creators

Rainbow Wave of Light


“When there are people in your lives who tell you that you are incapable of doing something, and you want to prove them wrong, you are being given an opportunity by yourself to accomplish something that you did not think was possible. The other person is the reflection who is telling you exactly what you are afraid might be true, and this can be a lovely catalyst for you to move beyond your self-imposed limitations.

When you find yourself up against odds that are not in your favor, and you rise to the occasion, you literally set up that scenario to light a fire under yourself. You have interesting ways of going about things in your world, and this is one of them. You like a challenge. You came to this reality because it is so challenging. There is not one among you who thought that they were simply coming…

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