VALIANT : Knock Knock … The Hour Glass … The Time of the White Buffalo …




Knock Knock…The Hour Glass…The Time of the White Buffalo…
Posted By: Valiant
Date: Thursday, 22-Jun-2017 13:10:52

*SONG* “You Better Wait” by Steve Perry


To each their own Something is written…
The Time, the Place, the Hour…
And To each are their own answers…
No ONE can answer them all…
But ONE can light a Torch for them to use…
Too Much going on…pressure, urgency…
The Sound of Someone knocking at The Door…
Knock Knock…The Hour Glass, a clock

Tick Tock…By and by, as time goes by
Has it been peaceful?
Lie to me and say it’s been peaceful…
The Truth that enlightenment brings…
Is that in dark times enlightenment
Often bares a brutal flame…
Open eyes and minds see this as
The radiant Light of the Circle…
A familiar voice… “Surprise…”
Varence appears with a serious face
And sharp brow, almost hostile. “There
Has been…

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Russian Device Cures Diseases Using Royal Rife Technology! 6-22-17 (and an example of WikiPedia propaganda)

Kauilapele's Blog

Anyone know what this is?

This showed up somewhere in my FB feed, and I looked at it and it seems like something which I may have seen before, but I cannot figure out exactly what it is. The video has a couple (very) short screen shots of what part of it may look like. In any event, I’m sure more and more of these things are being released right now. I’ve also included a Wikipedia page for Rife, which appears to be a pure “AMA/American Cancer Society approved” disinformation / propoganda piece. One snip from that:

“Rife blamed the scientific rejection of his claims on a conspiracy involving the American Medical Association (AMA), the Department of Public Health, and other elements of “organized medicine”, which had “brainwashed and intimidated” his colleagues… Several marketers of other ‘Rife devices’ have been convicted for health fraud, and in some cases cancer patients…

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Vacuum Metastability Event ~ June 12, 2017

Removal of the black stone will create the vacuum metastability event that will allow the penetration of bubble nucleation front across the Veil boundary towards the surface of the planet and will effectively trigger the Event. The Event is the moment of instating true quantum vacuum conditions inside the Veil and thus the removal of the part of the primary anomaly that is directly responsible for the existence of evil. The underlying force that was allowing the existence of the Cabal and suffering will cease to exist.


Clearing of the Chimera group continues. The Light forces have completed „certain operations“ and are now intensively dissolving the head of the Yaldabaoth entity.

The head is positioned within the plasma anomaly accretion vortex close to the surface of planet Earth with its outer edge about 3 Earth radii from the planetary center, as it is described here in detail:

Mainstream science has „discovered“ that outer edge a few years ago:

Now NASA has openly admitted that man-made low frequency radio waves are forming that outer edge, efficiently creating the outermost barrier of the Veil:

If you change „VLF transmitters for submarine communication“ in the above article to „ELF transmitters of the HAARP and similar programs“ you will get a clear picture how the outermost barrier of the Veil is generated.

Anomalous plasma filaments of the Yaldabaoth head together with toplet bombs are coupled with the…

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We Ride together in an Unseen Chariot across the Horizon | Heavenletters

The only identity that is yours to claim is Son of God or Daughter of God. And you are greater yet. You and I both are also more. We, you and I, ride in Infinity. Our True One Identity is Oneness.

Rainbow Wave of Light


God said:

Your True identity is not your name. Your True identity is not your badge. Your True Identity is not your occupation. Your True Identity is not your college degree. Your True Identity is not your mother’s son. Not even that. Your True identity is not your wealth nor your poverty. The Truth of your Identity is not your race or color or any of these other extraneous matters. The Truth of Who you are is not your ego. Your Truth is far greater than any of these. Let go of the importance of the small stuff. The small stuff means little next to your True Identity. Pshaw.

If you look like a movie star, there is nothing more to make of it but that you look like a movie star. If you are a movie star, you long have known that this is strictly not your identity. It…

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The Source Energy Frequency ∞Ophelia the Faerie

Rainbow Wave of Light


“I am here. I am with you.

There are portions of your consciousness that remain in the Source Energy Frequency, and there is a portion of your consciousness that is here having this experience. So you see, you don’t have to go anywhere to experience Source Energy and the Source Energy frequency. It is a part of you, and it is a matter of focus.

Your intention for incarnating was to bring more of that energy and more of that focus to this aspect of your consciousness, to make yourself aware as a physical being that you are also a Source Energy being and to merge the two worlds in order to give yourselves the experience of having a physical body and knowing yourselves as Source. Truly that is what Jesus came here to teach you, that knowing that he demonstrated.

You are now being asked to do the same…

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A Universal Awakening ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

Rainbow Wave of Light


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

It is an awakening of more than just your ego that is occurring. As you recognize that the shift in consciousness is a universal occurrence, you must recognize that you are shifting at every level of your being-ness. Your higher selves and your oversouls exist in higher dimensional states, higher frequency states, and yet they are shifting as well. They are having their own form of an awakening experience.

What that means is, you will be connecting to, and feeling, and experiencing a different type of oversoul being as the shift is completed. You are becoming your higher self. You are becoming the embodiment of your higher self. But you will not be the same higher self that you have been relating to and receiving all of your years on planet Earth in this lifetime…

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