Galactic confluences guide the Light-minded


Galactic confluences guide the Light-minded.

Cosmic reunifications commence.

Star systems combine for the benefit of all.

Portals are presented to all.

Cosmic journeys commence.

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A message for everyone from a good Friend on self-doubt.

Your own worst enemy is your self doubt.

Everyone has infinite potential.

Limitations are those strangleholds that we set upon ourselves.

This negativity of self doubt will only hold you captive.

To counteract this, you must believe inyourself, your abilities and your ownpotential.

By doing this, you will attain the self confidence to be unstoppable.”

-James Gedak


Hello folks,

Wherever you may be in the world, I hope you’re doing well and I appreciate the time you take in reading my posts.

For this one, I’d like to leave you guys with a short message from a close friend. This is something that he mentioned last week in one of our discussions while we were socializing:

“Your own worst enemy is your self doubt.

Everyone has infinite potential.

Limitations are those strangleholds that we set upon ourselves.

This negativity of self doubt will only hold you captive.

To counteract this, you must believe in yourself, your abilities and your own potential.

By doing this, you will attain the self confidence to be unstoppable.”

-James Gedak

I wanted to post this here as his ideas on self-confidence have powerful implications for all of us. I firmly believe that we can incorporate his thinking on our self-worth…

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Sylphs Love To Eat Chemtrails!

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Starrgram 10: SYLPHS

Sylphs were originally called Midway Spirits, so called because they were matrixed halfway between Man and animals. They were considered very enigmatic at the time because they did not exist anywhere else in Creation and nobody had a clue about what they were for. In actuality, they were to have been the initiating fauna for the new Super Universe in Andromeda already in its initial stages of start up as explained in detail in Starrgram 12 of the Intelligent Design of Creation.

As they had no Christ rudder, when the Luciferians came to Earth six hundred and fifty million years ago the Midways were easy prey. Those that aligned with the Luciferians shrunk in Substance and became Gremlins. Those that did not became known as Sylphs. In some cultures they are called Thunderbirds, in others Wingmakers, and Dragons in others yet again.

Like lower octave Fourth Dimensional…

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How A Fourth-Century Taoist Concept is Treating Anxiety

Tales from the Conspiratum

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Waking Times

Derek Beres, Big Think
October 25, 2018

While the Tao Te Ching is not one of the world’s most discussed religious texts, at least relative to the amount of attention the Bible, Quran, and Buddhist and Hindu doctrines receive, Laozi’s slim volume of instructions has massively influenced how we think about Eastern philosophy. The basis of Taoism is embedded in his series of short and punchy ideas that are rooted in, at times, paradoxical thinking.

Consider one of his most famous aphorisms: “The Tao does nothing, and yet nothing is left undone.” The ‘nothing’ is wu-wei, often translated as ‘non-action.’ One translation of Taoist ideas, Tao: The Watercourse Way, written by British philosopher Alan Watts and Chinese philosopher Chungliang Al Huang in 1975, state that the concept should not “be considered inertia, laziness, laissez-faire, or mere passivity.”

The Fine Art of Non-Doing

As with those…

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New Rankings for Economic Freedom: The United States Climbs to #6

Simply stated, people enjoy much higher living standards in nations with free markets and small government. Conversely, people living under statist regimes suffer from poverty and deprivation.

International Liberty

Since I’ve been writing a column every day since 2010, you can imagine that there are some days where that’s a challenge.

But not today. The Fraser Institute has released a new edition of Economic Freedom of the World, which is like a bible for policy wonks. So just like last year, and the year before, and the year before, and so on (you may sense a pattern), I want to share the findings.

First, here’s what EFW measures.

The cornerstones of economic freedom are personal choice, voluntary exchange, open markets, and clearly defined and enforced property rights. …The EFW measure might be thought of as a measure of the degree to which scarce resources are allocated by personal choices coordinated by markets rather than centralized planning directed by the political process. It might also be thought of as an effort to identify how closely the…

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LISA TRANSCENDENCE BROWN – October’s Re-Structuring Processes – Non-Stop DNA / Template Re-Coding – 10-22-18

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♥ TRANSCENDING ALL IDENTITIES ♥ As Your Perceptions of REALities Shift …
As YOUR Energy Shifts …
As You Let Go of the Games of Separation YOU Kept Playing Out… 


Thanks to

Aloha beautiful Star-Light BEing Family! 

This is a POWERFUL MONTH dedicated to many UP-SHIFTS…. Template UP-GRADES and RE-WRITES are off the charts… I don’t even hardly write Energy Reports anymore, because I’d have to be online 24/7 to say the same thing over and over again. I did this for years in the beginning, to bring awareness to each of their own LightBody and NEW Earth here. That’s not my primary/only role anymore, other than when it feels appropriate/aligned… as we have so many roles we are constantly fulfilling here.

“WE are getting blasted, Photonic (Galactic Soul) Upgrades are off the Charts, Cosmic Stellar-Star-Light Codes are bombarding all…. DNA Recoding is in Quantum Acceleration…

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