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Rainbow Wave of Light

You have been walking your path for some time now, dear one.

You know how The Universe feels/sounds when it is speaking to you. You know you are being supported and guided on your journey. You know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, you are loved completely and unconditionally. You know anything you choose to co-create with The Universe is in your highest and best.

Step into your best life, move toward what you have been manifesting, embrace the joy of living. Now is the time to release second-guessing yourself. The Universe has been waiting for you to begin! ~ Creator

Transcribed by Jennifer Farley, TheraHealing Instructor/Practitioner at The Creator Writings

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You are here now, that is all that needs to be known.
Generations of ancestors have combined their essence in order for you to step forward today.
They are with you now, surrounding you with love, enrobing you in a cloak of comfort.
This is not a small thing; it is the only thing.
Right here, right now, you have arrived for this very moment.
For you are the combination of every wish for love, every longing for freedom, every desire for happiness; each of these making up the layers of you.
For you are infinite as much as you are solid.
Realize the scope of your knowing; it reaches beyond the confines of your physical self.
It is there where your ancestors, guides and angels are waiting.
As real as your heart feels love’s longing, and as inspiration arrives without being sought.

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Message from Matthew Ward * 2-3-21

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Matthew Ward


February 3, 2021

Light forces’ mission, more secure new course; US governance; NESARA history; Putin, Pope Francis; covid, vaccines; crystalline cells

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. To all who are disappointed that no major action was taken three weeks ago to rid the United States government of pervasive corruption, we say, please do not be downhearted. The force of lightworkers hasnotabandoned the mission!

When those in charge received a late-hour threat that could have been a national disaster, they chose a safe course that also will give time for broader public receptivity. Impatience with lockdown and financial hardships could reduce resistance to the new course, which will achieve the same results as a one-fell-swoop event, but in more secure stages.

Government shakeups and arrests are happening in numerous countries, and the Illuminati in the United States know…

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Emmanuel Dagher * Lightness Returns – February 2021

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Emmanuel Dagher

a message from Emmanuel DagherMonday, 1 February, 2021 

a message from Emmanuel DagherMonday, 1 February, 2021 


Hi my friend!

February is bringing with it an increasing influx of lightness, as uplifting and high vibrational energies awaken within and all around us.

This month will offer us a rare occurrence, with a whopping seven celestial bodies—the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, and the asteroid Pallas—all moving into the sign of Aquarius.

This creates what’s known as a stellium.

This ishighlynoteworthy, because configurations like this create the space for epic forward movements to occur!

This powerful entry of Aquarian energy in February will shift our focus to humanitarian issues, technological advancements, and unconventional innovations. These themes will guide the framework of our society throughout all of 2021, and into the decade ahead.

As mentioned in the January 2021 Forecast, we have now entered a time…

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See the Rainbow | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

No longer will you be ego-centered. If you have negative thoughts or emotions, you will know they are just passing thoughts or emotions. They will be no bother at all, just like, when you see a tree in autumn, you’re not upset that its leaves are falling. You don’t feel that trees always have to be in full spring bloom.

Ego thoughts and emotions will become much like a scratch you notice on your finger. You notice it and then not think any more about it. The scratch will not plague you. It will be okay to have a scratch. It won’t matter. It will be like a scrap of paper blown by the wind. Just something there in your vision for a moment.

You understand that love, as We know it, is not an emotion. Emotions are small things. Love is big.

Your emotions are conditioned like…

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How to Take a Vacation in the Midst of Your Life | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

Precious children, do not be hard on one another. You are, you know. Be benevolent, and be kind even when others are not. Others are not to set an example of Me. You are to set an example of Me. See wider, see further, and you will not be caught in illusion of smallness. You will be swept up in greatness.

Be not a reactor. Be a dissolver. When tension comes your way, do not put your back up against it. Evaporate it. Tension, if you have it, is yours. Whatever may have stirred it, nothing causes tension in you but you. And it is you who can release it. Give it to Me, your tension, unless you want to keep it for rigidity’s sake. There is no other reason for you to keep it. Dissolving your tension is not dissolving you. It is finding you.

Tension does…

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Arcturian Group Message: Intensity of Events ~ January 6, 2021

Rose Rambles...

Editor’s note: I resonate strongly with this article and the message below. I choose to replace “Divine Consciousness” to that of “Quantum Consciousness”. The actions of the day in Washington D.C. are significant on many levels, yet what a perfect “cover” for action taken by the Light.

For this reason, I urge all to remain calm as actions taken in this “storm” will be for the best for ALL, allowing us to BE in the eye of the storm as we remain in…

Quantum Joy!


Dear ones, we come in love and with respect for you who have lovingly chosen to play a part in earth’s ascension process. You volunteered because you understood that an increase of light would be necessary to lift and open collective consciousness to where it could begin to manifest as a new, more evolved earth.

You were aware before choosing to incarnate that there…

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Emmanuel Dagher – Waking Up From the Dream – January 2021

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Emmanuel Dagher
Emmanuel Dagher


My friend,

A new year is upon us, and it’s filled with exciting new possibilities and energies!

Although the first part of 2021 will be mostly about cleaning up much of the residue left behind from the eventful year of 2020, this fresh new year will serve as a major catalyst that brings with it metamorphic change.

This will include forms of innovation that will help us create a better world for us all to live and thrive in.

Holistic solutions to personal and global challenges will reveal themselves in the coming year.

In fact, 2021 will feel like we’ve woken up from a long, strange dream!

2021 is the year we will witness great expansion in the hearts and minds of humanity.

It will help us grow our capacity to transcend the previous barriers and limitations we had created for ourselves.

And it will help…

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Anna Von Reitz – A Message for Christians at Christmas – 12-21-20

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via Hobie @ Rumor Mill News

By Anna Von Reitz

God searches the heart — he knows,
as the Irish say, “the All of it”. There is no way to hide from the True God —
to whom all the details are fully and explicitly known.
Your thoughts, your secret motives,
the pressures being placed on you, the circumstances of your lives that you
wrestle with, your temptations, how you handle them, and most of all, what you
value, what you truly desire. All of that is known about you and has been known
all your life.
Indeed, you were known before you
were born, and all that has followed has been your hand-tailored refinement in
the Refiner’s fire, your “milling out” by the Great Millstones of God, so that
you are made and remade into a purer and more constant vision of your Highest
So there is no…

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