The Bobs

Wear your heart on sleeve

Spells Of Truth

Lately I find myself watching scenes from the movie “Office Space”, especially the scenes involving ‘the Bobs’. ‘The Bobs’ are 2 consultants hired by the tech company, Initech, to evaluate the workforce in order to weed out the undesirable workers. You’d think the 2 consultants would target employees that are useless and/or are poorly performing, but this is not what occurs in the film. In the film ‘the Bobs’ are more than meets the eye. Watch the following ‘Bob’ clips as if they aren’t two consultants hired to lay off workers, but are two angels hired to assess how well the workers know themselves. Every person that is interviewed by ‘the Bobs’ is not honest with themselves or with ‘the Bobs’ except for the main character, Peter.

Tom Smykowski freaks out during his interview with ‘the Bobs’ because he’s petrified of losing his meaningless office job.

“What would you say……

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