LISA RENEE (Time Shift Blog): “Personal Value System”

Therefore it is critical to start building integrity through being as truthful and honest as possible in all interactions, examining your motivations in order to commit to speak and act honestly. Make the necessary adjustments in your language to more accurately reflect that you are telling the truth that you know in that moment. Start building relationships with people that want the truth from you and that you can be honest and authentic with.

Circle of the Dolphins

In the face of the current challenges we are navigating in this bifurcating world, it is increasingly important now to examine our personal beliefs and value system. To get to the deeper clarity on what reveals itself to be the guideline to your truest nature. In our context this would be consciously participating with spiritually beneficial behaviors that help to define an improved value system and guidelines, for building improved character and personal integrity. Our personal values provide an internal reference point for what is discerned as beneficial, important, useful, beautiful, productive behaviors and actions, which we commit to for the purpose of developing ourselves and guiding our life. Our personal values are what motivate and generate our behavior and actions, it is what influences the choices we make in everyday life. Understanding ourselves enough to have clarity on what we give value to in our personal value system, is…

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DANIEL SCRANTON – Becoming Your Whole Selves ∞ The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council – 8-27-18

You don’t need to wait for anything to happen. You don’t need to wait for the shift to occur. You can start living as you want to live in the here and now, and you don’t have to earn anything. You just have to choose. Choose to be the whole version of yourself, the version of you that knows you are a collective and that you are one with all beings. And suddenly, the fourth dimension won’t seem like such a backwards place

Higher Density Blog


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have awakened within you a sense of who you have been, and we have simultaneously awakened a sense that you have of where you are going. You are going to be where we are, someday, and we know that many of you would like to jump right to the ninth dimension. But we also know that you would be missing out on so much fun if you did. The joy of the journey is not only possible. It is highly likely from this point forward.

Now that you are awakened and ascending, you must realize that everything can only get better from where you are. Everything is expanding, raising its vibration, and becoming less polarized. So as you ascend from one dimension to the next, you don’t experience the same degree of…

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LAVETTE : The Insider Becomes An Outsider

The flower of Life grows in the strangest places












Hence The Crown of Horns = BEing of nature … the middle way is through THA LAMB to see OS.IRIS (energy of KEK the primordial fractal christ traveller of within) … WE DIE TO LIVE … OUR DAILY MANNA is from THE TREE OF LIFE – OM is OUTOFTHISWORLDX









is embedded in





The Insider Becomes An Outsider


Published on 17 Aug 2018
When one chooses to look within to find the answers to the meaning of life they suddenly find themselves the outsiders of their peer groups , communities and even families . It is a narrow path made for one , it can be a lonely journey…

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Rising Frequencies Blog By Lisa Rising Berry

Hello Everyone,

Wow, this is such an exciting time to be alive on planet Earth.  Things are heating up quickly and the changes are coming in so fast that it’s hard to keep up.

I wanted to write about my ET reading with Lisa Gawlas.  I have mentioned her many times in my articles, as my friend that makes me feel not crazy.  We are very connected and we tend to “see” the same things, but from different perspectives.  

Before I write about her reading, I need to explain to those that are not familiar with my recent work.

I have been working with the Elemental worlds, and the Goddesses that are connected to those realms for a long time using the 5 Elements ritual I learn from my Bon Tradition.  It has changed my life. Three years ago I began performing this ritual for clients. I wrote an…

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Dangerous Child FAQs

The Dangerous Child

What is a Dangerous Child, anyway?

A dangerous child is someone who has discovered how to plot his own course in life, and who has acquired the life skills he needs to move steadily toward his goals.

Why do you call them “Dangerous Children?”

Dangerous Children learn skills considered dangerous by most educators and child specialists. They learn these dangerous skills at a considerably earlier age than is typically recommended by conventional child psychologists and psychiatrists.

Can you give some examples of these “dangerous skills?”

Of course. Dangerous children will learn to use power tools, machine shop tools, welding equipment, and construction equipment — including earth-moving equipment, hoists, cranes, and systems of concrete placing. They will learn to operate and navigate in a wide range of transportation vehicles for travel on land, water, and in the air. They will become competent in most of these skills by age 12 and…

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My thoughts…August 12, 2018

Rose Rambles...

The “Storm” is here, my  friends! Many, many are undergoing massive change in their lives in one respect or another. Personally, my life is topsy-turvey with a marriage that is ending, unemployment (resigned from a dark job) with the inability to find a job in my field, hospital lab management, and possible relocation as the lease ends. (My saving are at their end and I will be most grateful for any kind of donation you send my way…:)

I AM not merely beating my donation drum and want to urge all who read my blog to truly consider and understand the impact of the energy change we are all experiencing. Our mind-focused culture interprets heart-based energy changes as a type of “religious” or “Woo-woo” experience because we have no other way of interpreting energy changes involving the heart. This is a huge roadblock  for many  which prevents understanding what is…

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Geoengineering: Covert ecocide and genocide (omnicide) in plain sight

Sasquatch Close Encounter Network for Interspecies Communication

By SunBôw

I stumbled upon this picture yesterday, posted by Grey Wolf, that cheered me up. Since a little humor never hurts, I used it for my new profile picture on FB, joking that I finally found a tribe I can fit in. 😀


But beyond the funny part, disclosure is not only about good news. Many first encounters are described in witnesses accounts as what might seem like territorial and unfriendly behaviors from the Sasquatch. Yet, there is a long history of interspecies relations that most Humans have forgotten, but that the Sasquatch very well remember.

Having had to protect themselves, their children and the environments since generations from hunting, logging, mining, damming, drilling, spills, pollution and other forms of destruction from Human activities, the Sasquatch can legitimately perceive Humans as destructive invaders constantly encroaching on all other life forms and vital territories, including their own species.

What the…

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BLOSSOM GOODCHILD – Channeling The Galactic Federation – 8-4-18 – via amparo alvarez – Ashtar Command Crew — Higher Density Blog

Blossom Goodchild Welcome to you this fine morning. Somebody wrote in asking if you would talk to us about ‘Free will’. For you say, no one can take it away from us. Yet, many would beg to differ. He wrote ‘How can anybody claim that we are down here making choices of our own […]

via BLOSSOM GOODCHILD – Channeling The Galactic Federation – 8-4-18 – via amparo alvarez – Ashtar Command Crew — Higher Density Blog