Arcturian Group Message November 28, 2021 | Marilyn Raffaele

Rainbow Wave of Light

NOVEMBER 28, 2021

Dear readers, we come to you in love with words of encouragement as the world around you appears to be crumbling in so many ways. Obsolete traditions, beliefs, and rules about the “right way” to do everything born of beliefs in duality, separation, and two powers are in fact crumbling in order for new and higher forms of them to manifest.

Be not afraid dear ones, as you look out onto a world that seems to be collapsing under its own weight of negativity and violence for in reality all is proceeding according to plan. You may think that it certainly doesn’t look as if anything positive is happening, but the beliefs that have created unfair laws, wars, and separation between people and other life forms are beginning to be recognized for what they represent by increasingly more people.

We have spoken often of love as being…

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You Are Brave | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

You may come to a crossroad where you decide that life, so to speak, is not going to interfere with your life.

Life is not a gauntlet you are running, yet some days you feel pelted with snowballs or hail. You keep going, and you let hail fall where it may. The weather is not a deterrent to you. You keep walking. You are like the mailman, and neither rain nor sleet nor snow stops you from delivering the mail. The mailman also picks up letters that people want him to mail for them. So in life, you deliver messages, and you also pick up messages from the assorted mail that is known as life.

In life, you may pick up and deliver messages that seem random, or may seem serious, and they are, after all, only messages. Not all messages from life merit great thought. Some mail…

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