The limits to your potential are squarely between your ears. You see, it is the mind that is the limiter or the accelerator. When the mind is not focused on useful activity and study and in action with habits that are patterned with success, then there is the element of doubt. Doubt is a concept of the mind. Action that manifests things lies in the realms of probability. As you tune yourself up to higher frequencies and cleanse your body you put yourself in a flow of action based on direction with a plan and then doubt is not an option. It is no different in life when you create blueprints and you imagine things in the mind knowing what it is you want. This is the formula of a successful life.

If you have doubt then that comes from a place of lack of planning with poor habits and…

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The legends of Atlantis will not be forgotten. There are major Earth changes and a quickening. The Earth is going to be reset into the frequency modulation that encourages the thriving of spiritual evolution and your hidden powers. A reset is happening and this will be the Golden Age after the cleanse. Be mindful, many of you are from this time and your souls know of Atlantis and the once greatness that man was able to achieve with technology, philosophy and the understanding of the Universe and its principles.

This monumental change would have been more in sync with your current technologies and states of awareness except for the interference of the Illuminati and the corrupted keepers of the world. Their days are numbered for the Ancient of Days have returned and are opening up the vaults and a great influx of energies are infiltrating your planet, minds, and psyche…

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AWAKENING 5D HEALING: “Accelerated 4D Manifestation” — Circle of the Dolphins

Shout out to cosmic surfers, travelers, healers, teachers, warriors of Gaia. Hold it together folks. Push through the landslide of energetic mud being released globally. This is the draining of the swamp. Light workers existing day to day, moment to moment, as gale force winds of negativity batter us from all sides. If it’s toxic […]

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The Year of Joy January 2019 Energy Forecast by Emmanuel Dagher

Forever Unlimited

The Year of Joy January 2019 Energy Forecast
by Emmanuel Dagher

2019, which numerically represents a 3 Year, will be the year our Spirit lovingly nudges us to make our long-term joy and fulfillment a top priority in our lives once and for all.

If you’re reading this Forecast, you may already know you are an empath.

Most empaths naturally have a tendency to allow the needs of others to eclipse their own.

This year will help those of us who still tend to sacrifice our own joy in order to fulfill the needs and expectations of others.

It will support us in refining ourselves out of these old patterns of self-neglect, so we can open ourselves up to receiving complete joy and fulfillment.

This will be the year in which we discover what helps us create real joy.

As we decide to get clear on aligning with joy…

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Letting The Aether/Dark Matter Dust Particles Settle Into Physical World

Rising Frequencies Blog By Lisa Rising Berry

I was going to wait until the end of January to write my last article about this energy event I saw coming.  I wrote the first article in October. We are in the phase that I called, “letting the dust settle.” I will do a short recap…

  1.  We saw the increase of the Azoth/fire energy connected to the Red Gaurda (fire bird) at the end of October, it increased until Sagittarius season.
  2.  Then Sagittarius dipped the point of the bow into the fire filled with some type of new code.  (I first saw this code in 2013, and I drew it)
  3.  All during Sagittarius season the bow was pulled tighter and tighter, and then it was released on December 26th, and it exploded.
  4.  Now, we are waiting for the dust from the explosion to settle.  I saw particles entering into the physical world.

On the 27th I was laying in…

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The Economy Of The Promised Land

Real Currencies

One reason why we have a few money lenders and landlords running the whole world, with the rest of us toiling as serfs to pay their monthly dues to them, is because we have no real inkling of how we would live without them.

And the difference is so enormous, that one shies away from speaking of it, for fear of being condemned as a foolish Utopian.

But here are a few characteristics of a Usury free society with a liberated Commons and current technological levels.

– A man would work a maximum of 15 weeks per year to provide for his wife and children.

– Self Employment and Small Business would be the norm. Wages would be for the young and the simple.

– Men and women would see stress levels decline dramatically. They would spend far more time with each other, their children, their families, and their…

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