Psychiatry as mystical symbolism

Here is a link to a great article giving a whole new meaning to psychiatry. Which begs the question: Why are we lapping up the BS porridge being spoon fed to us daily?

From Our Sisters And Brothers Before Us, A Gift

No More Sleeping

Greetings, Unborn Ones, now asleep in the dark womb of the future. Greetings from we who were once as you are now and like whom you will one day be. We too hoped and feared, doubted and believed.


Who you are, how you speak and dress (are you even like us in form?) we cannot know or imagine. This alone we know as truth, you are brother beings of ours and travel the road we once trod. We share one destiny and have the same true goal, though perhaps no more know in your day what these are than do in ours. Like to us life comes to you unbidden, it is fraught with problems and difficulties; it alternates between light and shade, and like us you wonder what awaits at the end. You, too, are victims of Earth’s delusions; you, too, find Truth and Perfection beyond your grasp…

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VALIANT : Thunder and Lightning…Voices called to…The Gods of Earth






The hours and the days keep moving…
Twisting, turning…
It wasn’t supposed to be like this, was it?
At some point it has to be different…
In all the events, the history of the world…
Civilization has culminated to this…2016…
The world has to change…
Everyone sees that, right?
What’s right, what’s fair and just…what’s due…
We, the people of the world, past the leaders…
We are smart enough to make it better
Without being told, aren’t we?
Do laws really need to be written
For us to know…what’s right?
If we can know this much…
Then anything is possible…
Ignore anyone who says…it can’t be done.


*SONG* “Bleed For Me” by Saliva


Make it happen…

The light…The box opens…The door…
The Golden Light showering down…
And the lines spinning, twirling, building
The rainbow bridge…
There she stood again, her face, that expression
So fierce…

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The 13th Gate, The God Particle, And The Connection To The 13th Cranial Nerve – Part 2 — Rising Frequencies

Part 2 of the 13th nerve Before I begin Part 2 of this article I would like to give a big tanks to my good friend, Nancy Hazlett. This entire article has been in the making for 3 months. Yes, you read that right. LOL… I continued to add the information I received to my […]

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5 Ingredient Drink That Balances Your PH Levels In Just 5 Days

Openhearted Rebellion

5 Ingredient Drink That Balances Your PH Levels In Just 5 Days

From Healthy Life Style Base, Thanks to Body Mind Soul Spirit

An extremely acidic diet stimulates yeast and fungus growth in your body. In addition, it causes heart burn and other acid reflux disorders. The body’s ability to detoxify heavy metals and repair cells also becomes compromised, making you more susceptible to diseases.

Hence, it’s imperative to ensure that your body is always on the alkaline side of the scale. Detox drinks are among the best tools when it comes to balancing pH in the body. For this article, the focus is on a 5-ingredient drink that can balance body pH within 5 days.

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Accelerated Energy Forming A New Collective and More! | The Shift of Time and Energy!

Infinite Shift

Let me give you some strange happenings in my world yesterday that will help all of us know when we are melding dimensions into the space we occupy now.  In between the readings, I noticed a shiny red wrapper laying on my floor.  When I went over and picked it up, it was an empty Dove wrapper with the little inspirational saying on it that said “Forget the rules and play by the heart.  Love DOVE.”  Where the hell did that come from?  I have not had dove candy in my house in months, I swept and washed the floors before I left, took all the trash to the dump… I set it on my desk, the message was too awesome to just throw away.

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