Your Light Bodies ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

Rainbow Wave of Light


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

You have transitioned yourselves so much already that you are not even the same beings that you were just a few years ago. You have come so far and evolved so much, and you are ready now, as a result of that evolution, to be allowed access to the light bodies that are within you, that are occupying the same space as your physical ones.

Here is what you can do with your light bodies. You can shapeshift. You can transform yourselves into whatever form you want to be. You can levitate. You can fly. You can bilocate, and you can teleport. So of course, you can cure yourselves of anything at all.

You would so easily find yourself healing that you would never fear harm to your light body. One of the ways in…

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LISA RENEE – Time Shift Blog – Building Wings for Planetary Lightbody – 5-33-28

To know our true Mother and Father and to undergo the rebirth of our inner male and female spirit, we must see how the False Parent influenced our beliefs about gender and see the destructive patterns that were created. Many times we must see how we were actually under the influence of the Imposter Spirits when we did not realize that was happening. When we can actually see the distortion and know it’s not the real truth, then we can make a choice to know what the truth is, and then our true spiritual parents and divine heritage is revealed inside our heart.

Higher Density Blog


To support the change in the gender fin rate of spin and to help correct the male and female rod and staff planetary architecture, Starseeds have been processing 6D-7D wing trauma that connects into Sirius B and Arcturian energies, as well as the Gaian timelines recorded in the Indigo and Violet Ray spectrum. The 6D-7D ray frequencies connect into vertical axiatonal lines and horizontal meridians that are connected to energetic portals that are on the top of our shoulders and run down each side of our body. In the angelic human lightbody, these two energy centers operate as portals and are called the Wings. The 6th portal Wing is in the top right shoulder indent on the masculine side of the body, and the 7D portal Wing is on the top left shoulder indent on the feminine side of the body. The 6D portal is connected to the…

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Rising Frequencies Blog By Lisa Rising Berry

I saw and felt the infinity loop receive a new makeover a while ago, and it is now emitting a different frequency.  This frequency makes it feel like something is on the brink of happening. I know this feeling of something coming has been here on this planet for quite some time; however, it seems like it has really increased in the last few months. It is stronger than it was before the infinity loop energy shifted.  This is partly due to the new vibration of the infinity loop, we have not felt this type of energy before, so it can make us feel like something new is coming. When in fact, the something new already came. It seems this is part of the “something is coming” feeling, and I believe there is another part that has me a bit perplexed.  Because what we feel as an “event” occurring soon…

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VERA INGEBORG – – THE EVENT – Learning to Live the Unconditional Life – by Love Has

Higher Density Blog


The shifts happening at the moment are beyond anything we have seen and experienced before. Many are waiting for “the Event”. The current energies are challenging yet again. Nevertheless, the potential for quantum leaps into new earth has never been bigger.

“The Event is coming.” We read it everywhere. And it is true, the potential for big shifts is off the charts. Yet, the event is an inner event that manifests in our reality. Only when we have found our inner balance and have worked through and transcended all of our ego-patterns and “shadows”, our reality and experience will be different. The energetic corridor we are in, offers this potential. So… it is another paradox. As long as we are waiting for “the Event” to happen to shift us into a new reality, it won’t. As long as we are waiting for something outside of us for…

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Trauma-Based Mind Control and Amnesia Walls

Because we have been silent and manipulated for so long we have forgotten the way things really work. Trusting intuition, inner knowledge, focusing on self-awareness and solving entanglements through neutrality instead of duality.

DNA Activation The Unveiling

This is a little all over the place. The use of trauma began thousands of years ago as part of an old world order.

These traumatic experiences are largely virtual in that they are technologically generated and simulated to the individual. For all intents and purposes, the experience is mentally accurate, however the difference between biologically accessible reality and a technologically altered version must be understood in order to move to a better space.

These could be considered other ‘times’, ‘planes’, ‘realities’, or virtual simulations that are as accurate as the real thing to the brain.

Trauma is used to create amnesia walls which separate memory and cognitive function.

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Doyen Fraser Energy Healing: Human Activation S2 E3 (Thyroid Stimulation)

challenging idea may be that the biological material is supplementary to consciousness. Consciousness is taking a ride in the body, yet the body is not the source of the consciousness. This seems simple and direct to some, confusing and backwards to others.

DNA Activation The Unveiling

Doyen Fraser:

Please listen. The hormones, the secretions, the glandular systems, the neurotransmitter and precursors, these are the ‘fine tune dials’ for one’s reality.

These secretions are named for their ‘secret’ nature in that they are the hidden formative orders that animates or shapes the human experience.

Life itself is brought into the system by the source of life itself. What we do after we meet capitalism is not necessarily related to the source of the source of our source. Instead, we are essentially playing ‘bring your child to work’ today and pressing a bunch of buttons, pulling a bunch of levers and throwing a bunch of switches because it looks and sounds cool. The feeling, however, is a general loss of energy, equilibrium, focus, strength, clarity, and spiritual power.

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ANNA von REITZ – The Eighth Covenant – 4-7-18

Higher Density Blog

Source: Paul Stramer | By Anna Von Reitz

Those of you who have studied piano know that the keyboard is divided into sets of eight notes called “octaves”. The first and last note of each octave is the same, simply resonating at a different frequency.

Courtesy of  Operation Disclosure

Similarly, there are Seven Covenants recorded in the Bible, analogous to the seven separate notes of the musical octave. The Eighth Covenant resonates with the First Covenant — the Covenant of Adam and the Creation.

When we speak of a “New Earth” — take it literally. It is a New Earth that resonates with the Earth of the First Covenant. We are in the Creation Cycle right now.

You will begin to see and experience some strange things and may even think that you are hallucinating, but this is not so. You are simply beginning to perceive things differently, to function…

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The Propaganda Wars are in Full-Swing

Anti-Propaganda News

Found in my Email:


It took me a few minutes to stop laughing when I read it. First, I would like to know how “fake accounts” are identified. Second, if there truly are 250 million of them (which I doubt), then it didn’t happen without help from Facebook. Third, What does “generated BILLIONS of shares” even mean?

So far, this is laughable, and we’re only at the end of the first paragraph. It continues…


Okay, they’re asking for four things:

  • Tell the Truth about fake users and fake news through independent audits
    • Who gets to define fake users and news?
  • Ban the Bots
    • Again, how does one identify a ‘bot?
    • A better question would be “Why are there fake bots?”
    • This is essentially asking for a safe space on the Internet.
  • Alert the Public when exposed to fake news and correct the record
    • This was the province of the fourth…

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