The Earth Plan: Celia Fenn Update ~ 28 October 2020

Infinite Shift

Source: Celia Fenn

“BIG SUNSPOT AR2778:There’s a new spot on the sun–and it’s a big one. Only two days old, AR2778 is already 8 times wider than Earth with a dozen dark cores sprawling 100,000 km across the solar surface. It is inset in this magnetic map of the sun from NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory:
The +/- magnetic polarity of AR2778 identifies it as a member of new Solar Cycle 25. It is, so far, the largest sunspot of the young solar cycle by a wide margin.”
This is a big deal people. At this crucial moment of change and rebirth…the Sun has chosen to erupt into life after a loooong period of “Solar Minimum” (no sun spots).
Furthermore…this sun spot is identified as part of the New Cycle called Cycle 25.
The New is birthing!
The Phoenix is flying!
It remains to be seen wether we…

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Celia Fenn ~ October 20, 2020

Rose Rambles...

With the Sun about to move into Scorpio, we are also entering a pivotal time in the Great Awakening and Transformation, including the 11/11 on the 11th November, the 12/12 on the 12th of December and the Powerful Solstice Gateway on the 21st December. The Energies of Water and Fire are very strong at the moment.

Scorpio is a water sign, and we would do well in the coming days to remember to flow with what is and not to try to resist. There are powerful forces in motion on many dimensions : surrender and flow will bring us to where we need to be.

The Phoenix, as the Fire Bird, represents the transmutative energy of Scorpio as we arise, both individually and collectively, to a new way of Being on the Earth: as Multi-dimensional Beings of Light and Energy in Physical Form.

As we pass through the coming days…

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The Little Ribbon of Time | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

Something grand is before you. It is time for you to know that. Miniscule is not before you. Miniscule is behind you. That is why you must not keep returning to the past. You will miss the present. You really don’t want to miss the present. The present is presented to you. I present it to you right now. I present an unopened package of wonders, and it has to be opened right away, or the moment is gone.

Pull the little ribbon of time that seems to box it. In truth, it is a steady pulling of the ribbon. You pull it, and it slips from its knot and unwinds itself before your very eyes. And with a gasp of joy, you remove the cover the ribbon held loosely, for life is given to you in breaths and in amazement.

And yet, many times you are sad…

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