Higher-Dimensionality of Self and Consciousness

What this means is that through REMEMBERING the SELF one places their energy INTO THE POSITION of CENTRAL AUTHORITY for their reality.

DNA Activation The Unveiling

When you start remembering the future, this indicates you are on the path. Remember, consciousness is only relative to the holographic continuum of the biological brain and body. Consciousness is trapped to this universe. Pure-awareness goes beyond. Pure, unadulterated, unshaped awareness. To cultivate this awareness is to step onto a path that begins to continuously and exponentially move beyond what consciousness seeks to define through linear contrast and numerical quantity.

The path is higher-dimensional. The parameters of the dimensions of the motion on this path is described as moving forwards and backwards in time simultaneously.

This is also existence, being present in both the future and the past, simultaneously.

The states at which they exist is the defining factor of the model you will consciously or unconsciously choose to utilize in describing your reality and thus literally ascribing to this through the expansion of that reality blueprint from within your…

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RICHARD X – GAIA PORTAL : Standbys are engaged as trumpets sound





1. In a flash, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trumpet. For the trumpet will sound, the dead will be raised imperishable, and we will be changed

2. The viruses and poisons of anti life are exposed … healing

3. Cleaning via fire of purification will be the priority to move on

4. Warriors of light will welcome the sparks with honour and respect


1. Standbys are engaged as trumpets sound

2. Night shades are raised.

3. Decisions commence leading into the forward areas.

4. Light swords are raised upright as the parties connect.


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Understanding Power Mongers ~ Dec. 26, 2016

You were the fear-based power mongers of yesterday.

Rose Rambles...


By Brenda Hoffman, 12/26/2016

Dear Ones,

Perhaps you feel little different from yesterday or last week. Such will not continue. For you added segments just days ago that are likely beyond your comprehension.

The segments you added are the revolutionary, strong, not always morally correct pieces that once pushed you to the forefront in a fear-based world – those pieces you have tried to negate ever since.

All of you have been extremely powerful in other earth lifetimes for you were preparing for this lifetime, this transition. You needed to know from within the powers you held in a fear-based world. So it is that strong piece(s) is now within you.

Perhaps that thought frightens you for you have ‘dummied-down’ that segment(s) because of the shame and guilt that resulted. Yet, that power segment(s) was appropriate for the times.

Now you are using that segment or segments to once…

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Middle-Sized Ideas
.Published on 25 Dec 2016
“My notion of what the psychedelic experience is, for us, that we each must become like fishermen, and go out on to the dark ocean of mind, and let our nets down into that sea. And what you’re after is not some behemoth, that will tear through your nets, follow them and drag you in your little boat, you know, into the abyss, nor are what we’re looking for a bunch of sardines that can slip through your net and disappear.

Ideas like, “Have you ever noticed that your little finger exactly fits your nostril?”, and stuff like that. What we are looking for are middle-size ideas, that are not so small that they are trivial, and not so large that they’re incomprehensible. Middle-size ideas we can wrestle into our boat and…

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Going on about 4 weeks ago we talked about a massive wave of energy hitting the planet. It is now here, it is measurable and it seems everyone is trying to figure out what it is. It is part of the awakening and healing cycle of humanity and the earth and something much awaited. It is the end of the Draconian or Archon Grid. It has everything to do with the arrival of 13th dimensional beings as well as the Andromedans whose ships can block out the entire eastern sky and when powered up can be as bright as 10,000 suns. This might be a hint as to the sun NASA observed coming our way that keeps changing speeds. How is this going to affect earth?…

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Christmas and Hanukkah 2016, Bringing The Energy Of Enlightenment As A Unified Energy. This is huge!

Rising Frequencies Blog By Lisa Rising Berry


It is interesting that the first night of Hanukkah is December 24th this year.  It’s the same night that many Christians wait for Santa.  Both are stories that teach us how to light the upper light of our bodies.

The season of Hanukkah is symbolic for our own inner light.  I made a post about how the story of Santa Claus is also related to this inner light.  The Chimney and the Candle are metaphors for the main central channel that runs down the middle of our bodies.  We have 3 channels in our bodies.  They can be called channels of light for Pranayama, breath work, or the 3 Pillars in esoteric knowledge.  The central channel is the focus with these parables.

In the story of Hanukkah the candle represents our bodies which are impressionable and pliable.  The wick is our spinal column where our central nervous system operates…

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“Here Is The EXACT Plan” – One Who Believes – Dec. 21, 2016

Rose Rambles...

Entry Submitted by One Who Believes at 8:37 PM EST on December 20, 2016

Here Is The EXACT Plan:

There seems to be so much worry about who will be President or not, when the CGR will happen, who are the Good Guys and who are not, etc. However, with all that being said, I know the EXACT Plan, and I am going to detail it for you in this post. But, before I reveal the EXACT Plan, I want to cover some important points.

The Players And Their Places

First thing to know is the “Players” in this epic transformation of our World, and the Universe. This would be a good time to note that not only are the Dark Forces “Turning To The Light” here on Earth, but, it is also happening throughout the rest of the Universe as well. Since this is a change of the…

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Where You Place Your Attention ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

Giving your attention to the love that you are, the love that exists within each and every one of your hearts, is the easiest way for you to live happily ever after. So we also suggest that you put some of your attention there when you bring that acknowledgement of the love inside of you to something outside of you that harmonizes with that feeling. That is the ultimate in living your lives to the fullest.

Rainbow Wave of Light


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

As you are placing your attention upon something, you are actualizing an experience of it that moves through the various filters that you have in place. And you determine how you experience that which has your attention. So first, you have the choice as to where you place your attention, and then you have your interpretation of that which has your attention.

The filters that you have around your consciousness have been constructed over years and years and lifetimes and lifetimes. Therefore, it is far easier for you to place your attention on that which satisfies, interests, and excites you than it is for you to look at something that, when processed through your filters, is not pleasing to you at all. The easiest way to exert your free will is to decide where you…

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