No More Sleeping

To my sisters and brothers of the Tuatha De Danann: for thousands of years have we fought against the darkness of psychopathic fallen angels and evil ET races; for thousands of years have we seen our sacred knowledge plagiarized and then bastardized into demented forms; for thousands of years have we watched as Divinity’s cherished principles of right and wrong became twisted into perversity; for thousands of years have we suffered along with our human sisters and brothers in their struggle to awaken to this illusion; for thousands of years have our hearts been broken as witnesses to horrific malice taking place on a beautiful planet gifted to all by Heaven.

As the time for the great awakening draws closer and closer, as all of humanity awakens more fully to the illusory world surrounding us, as the love and compassion of our one, infinite Creator quietly builds – all of…

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Finding Strength | The Creator

Rainbow Wave of Light

Take a big deep breath…it is almost time to start again. I can hear inward groaning from some of you accompanied with the thought, “When will this ever end?” I know this is challenging on all levels of your being, I know self-work can be exhausting but, my darling child, moving forward is what you came to do! (Smiling) If you are feeling stuck or out-of-sorts please remember that you are in full control of the pace being set and how you move forward…it is completely up to you. If you feel you do not have the strength in this moment, allow the newly arriving energy to lift and carry you forward until you do. ~ Creator
Transcribed by Jennifer Farley, TheraHealing Instructor/Practitioner at The Creator Writings

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Energy Update and 5 Elements Soul Retrieval Ritual Reminder

Rising Frequencies Blog By Lisa Rising Berry

Hello everyone,

Before I go into the Energy Update, I would like to take care of business first.

Due to the popularity of my discounted 5 Elements Soul Retrieval Ritual, I have decided to extend my scheduling into January.

The offer is valid as long as you make the appointment in December.   I only have a couple of slots open in December, but I can still schedule your appointment in the month of January.

This is a 2 hour appointment for $111.11.  The normal price for this service is $176.00.  This offer to schedule this service ends on December 31, 2018.

If you wish to take advantage of my discounted offer then please click on the following link for more information.

On to the energy update.  This update follows my last 2 articles.  Right now I can “see” and feel the bow of Sagittarius pulled tight.  It will stay…

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