Your Light & Sunlight ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

Now, you also want to be very gentle with yourselves on the physical level during the time in which you feel this absorption is taking place. You certainly want to be as hydrated as you can possibly be, and that means drinking plenty of water and eating lots of fruit and vegetables. It also means allowing yourselves to take a nap, to rest, to do nothing, and certainly making time in your lives for meditatio

Rainbow Wave of Light


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

There has been a shift in the energy that you experience coming from your sun. You have made it to this point because of your willingness to go within yourselves and experience the light that is within you. As the light that is within you increases in intensity and magnitude, the light from the sun matches it. As you bring yourselves to a higher frequency state by focusing on the love that is within you, your sun is able to show you more of its love.

And your sun is also one of many beings that is helping you to reach higher frequency states through the energy that the sun sends. Now, how you experience this is going to be up to you. It can be very challenging for you to absorb all of the…

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Leap or Be Pushed! Either Way…!!

The Shift of Time and Energy!

Wow is spirit getting testy!!  In all my years of readings, decades even, never have I seen the adamance, the straight out, do something or we will get that something done our way voice of spirit.  It is time to reach deep down into your soul ambition and just do something to assist the greater all.  Start a blog, start workshops, put a website together, do a youtube video and so on.  The point being… start somewhere or we will be pushed somewhere to get started.  Trust me, I have been pushed into more places than I had ever cared to experience, but it all served to get me to do what I had no inner faith of myself to do.

Having faith in yourself is huge.  Spirit always has 100 times more faith in us than we do in ourselves.  Of course, they see us…. they KNOW us from…

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Increasing Awareness, Advanced Technology and Social Unity

People are given the opportunity to wake up and do the research and the personal internal work of loosening the programming and mental configuration that is instilled into people through the media and the social and personal bias that has developed like a bad habit.

DNA Activation The Unveiling

The idea is this. People must be brought up to speed, intellectually because when everything begins to accelerate due to a natural increase in complexity the effect of time dilation will begin to increase.

Meaning those who remain on the lower level of self-awareness and dormant higher thinking will move slowly through time. There will be less options for them to make choices as time moves slower and slower for them, but faster and faster for everyone else.

Here’s the idea. People are supposed to be able to take care of one another and those at the higher end of the spectrum of advanced awareness will be at a drastically dilated rate of experience by comparison to those who have not advanced.

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Teachings from A Time Being

Male Relative arrived to where he was called.

It was the place where Natural Time resides.

A Time Being was waiting for him.

The Being was about 8 foot tall with an anonymous human form with a light blue color.

He was made of swirling winds.

The Time Being asked, “What brings you here?”

Male Relative replied, “I keep seeing and hearing about ‘the end’…what is that about?”

The Time Being replied, “You are seeing ‘the end’ but not through your eyes.

It is the end of a 3D universe.

There are 3 that will be affected. (MR later explained he understood it to be 3D universes that will be deleted but we will be okay.)

Male Relative said, “I have had a really bad week with the visions and other things.

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NEPHILIM AND THE TITANS are one and the same

THE SINGING ONES … didn’t kill to kill

They were only defending and protecting themselves

Stone … rock … mountains … gold … the philosohers stone … Archon RA/god MKULT of RA and Anu bloodlines ate the gold (sacrificial spark) to travel interdimensionally through a stargate … house … cos ANU abducted KI females ANUNAKI … ANU isn’t a natural spark being hence philosophers stone is all about immortality … transhumanism … RA killed the Titan Giants for the gold. KI … CHI is the Force N … of nature. The so called (god) particle is spark hence Cern hadron collider tries to make it by colliding atoms … adam … atum … the first matter of the stone … the very same with the first matter of all things physical combined…

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The Quickening of Your Evolution ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

Rainbow Wave of Light


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

Your consciousness evolves at the rate that it is supposed to. It evolves at the rate that is appropriate for you and that you will be comfortable experiencing. Any increase in the speed of the evolution of your consciousness can have unexpected and unwanted repercussions.

You are able to sense when it is an appropriate time for you to increase the speed at which your consciousness is evolving. Now is a time in the evolution of the consciousness of the human collective where it is appropriate for a speeding up to occur. What do you have to do in order to make this happen, you might wonder.

First of all, we suggest that you welcome this speeding up experience. Secondly, we suggest that you attribute anything that you are experiencing physically, or even emotionally, to…

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Arcturian Group Message June 25, 2017 | Marilyn Raffaele @

Rainbow Wave of Light


JUNE 25, 2017
Dear ones,  be not afraid of what you are seeing and hearing, for these are the symbols of a changing universe, the dying throes of old energy that is soon to become part of another world in which you who have chosen to awaken need not take part.  All have been given the choice to ascend.  Most are un-aware of this, but on the deeper levels, everyone is choosing.
Try not to fear for or be concerned  about family and friends who may be choosing not to awaken at this time.  Their Higher Self in its infinite wisdom may know that they need more three dimensional type experiences before they will be ready to leave them behind.  Every person will ascend  into higher levels of awareness at some point in their journey, it is inevitable.  Mans true nature is Divine and he is not…

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VALIANT : Knock Knock … The Hour Glass … The Time of the White Buffalo …




Knock Knock…The Hour Glass…The Time of the White Buffalo…
Posted By: Valiant
Date: Thursday, 22-Jun-2017 13:10:52

*SONG* “You Better Wait” by Steve Perry


To each their own Something is written…
The Time, the Place, the Hour…
And To each are their own answers…
No ONE can answer them all…
But ONE can light a Torch for them to use…
Too Much going on…pressure, urgency…
The Sound of Someone knocking at The Door…
Knock Knock…The Hour Glass, a clock

Tick Tock…By and by, as time goes by
Has it been peaceful?
Lie to me and say it’s been peaceful…
The Truth that enlightenment brings…
Is that in dark times enlightenment
Often bares a brutal flame…
Open eyes and minds see this as
The radiant Light of the Circle…
A familiar voice… “Surprise…”
Varence appears with a serious face
And sharp brow, almost hostile. “There
Has been…

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Vacuum Metastability Event ~ June 12, 2017

Removal of the black stone will create the vacuum metastability event that will allow the penetration of bubble nucleation front across the Veil boundary towards the surface of the planet and will effectively trigger the Event. The Event is the moment of instating true quantum vacuum conditions inside the Veil and thus the removal of the part of the primary anomaly that is directly responsible for the existence of evil. The underlying force that was allowing the existence of the Cabal and suffering will cease to exist.

Rose Rambles...

Clearing of the Chimera group continues. The Light forces have completed „certain operations“ and are now intensively dissolving the head of the Yaldabaoth entity.

The head is positioned within the plasma anomaly accretion vortex close to the surface of planet Earth with its outer edge about 3 Earth radii from the planetary center, as it is described here in detail:

Mainstream science has „discovered“ that outer edge a few years ago:

Now NASA has openly admitted that man-made low frequency radio waves are forming that outer edge, efficiently creating the outermost barrier of the Veil:

If you change „VLF transmitters for submarine communication“ in the above article to „ELF transmitters of the HAARP and similar programs“ you will get a clear picture how the outermost barrier of the Veil is generated.

Anomalous plasma filaments of the Yaldabaoth head together with toplet bombs are coupled with the…

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