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Socialism equals triumph for corporate criminals by Jon Rappoport May 31, 2018 In several recent articles (all here under category: socialism), I’ve exposed the myth that socialism is a revolution of and for the people. I’ve presented evidence that socialism is actually a movement owned, operated, and funded by ultra-wealthy elites. Dupes, foot soldiers, blind […]

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Jordan Peterson is Still Evolving

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Attempts to Take Peterson Down Make Him Stronger

Public attacks in the media against Jordan Peterson have become more frequent and are taking on a level of viciousness seldom leveled against mild-mannered scholars of psychology and human archetypes. Oddly, Peterson does not seem to be falling down, retreating, or disintegrating in the face of these high profile assaults. Why not?

Anti-fragility is a postulated antithesis to fragility where high-impact events or shocks can be beneficial. Anti-fragility is a concept developed by professor, former trader and former hedge fund manager Nassim Nicholas Taleb. Taleb coined the term “anti-fragility” because he thought the existing words used to describe the opposite of “fragility,” such as “robustness,” were inaccurate. Anti-fragility goes beyond robustness; it means that something does not merely withstand a shock but actually improves because of it. __ More at Investopaedia

In fact, each high-profile attack against Peterson brings him to the…

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Arms are now upstretched to the Light ~ May 30, 2018 — roseramblesdotorg

This seems a very fitting post from our spiritual friends at Eireport. They now come to us with the message that arms (the arms of Humanity) are now open wide welcoming Love and Light to emerge in our lives. The message from another spiritual group, Pleiades 1 Messages (found on Disclosure News Italia report from […]

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Unpleasant Truth of White Men Slavery in Europe

Vexman's Thoughts

This is the first post about the slave trade of white people, where I looked at some of the earliest written records of such slavery. It was discovering records about the slavery of my own, Slavic spoken people, which really stunned me since I have never read or learned about it. It as well forces me to realize the possibility that many of my ancestors may have perished as slaves. But just how did that happen? In my mind, the Slavic people are too proud and of a most upright posture, impossible to be fully tamed if shackled. Yet the records I was able to read have proven me wrong in the perception of my own kind of people. It was something I really did not expect to discover while researching about the slave trade of white people of medieval Europe. And it still echoes as an extremely hard fact…

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A look at Plato’s “Tripartite Soul” idea. — TheModernPhilosopher

Frequently revered as one of the greatest philosophers who ever lived; Plato pioneered many great ideas that fascinate people to this very day. Among his thoughts, he spoke of the “tripartite soul’ in book IV of The Republic. In this book, he believed that that the soul was made out of three parts: Logic, Spirit […]

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TEAL SWAN – Integrating The Future Self – 5-22-18

Higher Density Blog

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The aim of this work is to bring the optimal version of your future self into the now so that your current self may merge with it. Before we dive right into this technique, I must give you a bit of fair warning. I have avoided offering this technique to the public for a few years because of the sheer intensity of this work.

Thanks to

When you are bringing a child version of the self into the now, it almost always feels amazing because you are taking an aspect of yourself that vibrates at a lower frequency (what you would call negative emotion) and you are exposing it to your current higher frequency aspect of self in the now. This causes it’s frequency to rise significantly and you experience this as positive emotion.

On the other hand, when you are bringing your future self into…

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Coffee And Consciousness Conversations

Rising Frequencies Blog By Lisa Rising Berry

Hello Everyone,

Here is a radio show I did with Sheila Corona, of Consciousness Conversations.  We had originally planned to discuss my articles about the 13th Cranial Nerve and it’s connection to the 13th Gate, but things changed.  Everything happens for a reason, and we had an amazing conversation that lasted nearly 2 hours.

The topics just flowed with ease and grace.  I will be participating more with Consciousness Conversations in the future, and I hope to have her on my radio show as well.

Here is the link to view the show.  CLICK HERE TO WATCH

I will be writing another article next week.  It will be a continuation of the one I just wrote on the Elemental Kingdoms.  The session I just had with my morning client was amazing, and more has changed.  It just keeps getting better and better.

Onward and Upward we go,

Lisa Rising Berry

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