Anna Von Reitz – A Message for Christians at Christmas – 12-21-20

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By Anna Von Reitz

God searches the heart — he knows,
as the Irish say, “the All of it”. There is no way to hide from the True God —
to whom all the details are fully and explicitly known.
Your thoughts, your secret motives,
the pressures being placed on you, the circumstances of your lives that you
wrestle with, your temptations, how you handle them, and most of all, what you
value, what you truly desire. All of that is known about you and has been known
all your life.
Indeed, you were known before you
were born, and all that has followed has been your hand-tailored refinement in
the Refiner’s fire, your “milling out” by the Great Millstones of God, so that
you are made and remade into a purer and more constant vision of your Highest
So there is no…

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Sophia Love – From A Distance * 12-21-20

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We are heading into moments that none of us will soon forget. We are living history.

You may not have been able to pick out your outfit for the beginning of this 2020 ride, but you know the end of it is coming. Therefore, choose deliberately. This will be a look you’ll re-visit for a long time.

This is a call to walk with dignity. We are One. Recognize our similarities. From a distance, they are all that is witnessed.

So, abandon a desire to be right. Embrace what resonates and hear the calling of your own soul.

What matters now is love.

With so much love and appreciation for all that you are,

Song below chosen because it is over 40 years since it was recorded and rings true today.

Have a beautiful Solstice. There are so many mass meditations. So many. (click…

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Reflections on ‘Sovereignty’ by Zen Scholar Masao Abe

We need something like this for our species to co exist

one world renaissance

Glen T. Martin

Many spiritual traditions of the world have understood the need for human unity in diversity and the ascendency of one humanity on planet Earth. These traditions include Zen Buddhism as expressed in its famous Kyoto School of philosophy in Japan. Masao Abe (1915-2006) was a leading exponent of Zen and professor of philosophy at Nara University in Japan. His book Zen and Western Thought (1985) contains a chapter entitled “Sovereignty Rests with Mankind” and begins with the poem that I have reproduced below. His chapter then goes on to elucidate the thoughts expressed in the poem.

His thoughts are very much in line with my own writings on behalf of the Constitution for the Federation of Earth (e.g., Martin 2018 & 21). Our dilemma as human beings centers very much on the problem of what Abe calls “the ego.” Each of us, he says, as an…

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SOPHIA LOVE * 12-15-20 – Don’t Go Back To Sleep

It becomes necessary to apply critical thinking in every situation.
The race has become lazy in this way, and has not asked questions of “authority”. It has relinquished control and in doing so, allowed the controllers free reign.

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Posted By:Lymerick
Date: Tuesday, 15-Dec-2020 22:49:53

Are you there, God? | TED Talks

Received via email – Lymerick

December 14, 2020
4:24 AM

It is the One.

Things have come to pass that permanently alter the reality you have come to call your own. Things of a medical nature.

These would be, actions intended to alter the genetics of the species.

These would be by injection.

It will be important, in a vital way, to deny these vaccines recently produced and released. They are not for the benefit of the species, are untested on a long-term effect basis, and unnecessary as antidote.

They are more of a weapon than a cure, and one need only recognize the expression of joy on Mr. Gates face*, to see his satisfaction with its success and distribution.

They are not meant to help you, but to harm.
They are not meant to help you, but to harm.

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The Dawning Of The Golden Age Of Maitreya — Rising Frequencies Blog By Lisa Rising Berry

Greetings to everyone, I just have to start off by saying that I am amazed at what is occurring right now.   I had a session with one of my clients this week, and she asked me a couple of questions that really triggered  me into contemplation.  I started to put so many puzzle pieces together […]

The Dawning Of The Golden Age Of Maitreya — Rising Frequencies Blog By Lisa Rising Berry

Judith Kusel ~ December 10, 2020

Rose Rambles...

We are now being lifted in octaves of vibrational frequency bands ever higher into the 5th dimensional state, and the New Earth is now accelerating into the 7th.

This is impacting on all of us, in immensely powerful ways, and not only on the physical, but in all levels now.

Note that you are not just your physical body, but you indeed have 11 other energy bodies, which at this time are getting fully charged, and going through transfiguration.

This means that you can no longer cling to anything and anyone. You need to let go of all which you ever believed was you, and what you ever believed was the physical existence in which you lived and operated.

As much as this boggles the mind – it is wise now to get out of the mind, for the mind cannot phantom what is now happening and coming to us…

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