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Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

Sadness is one thing, tears are another. Tears are a beautiful release. Sadness is a holding on. It is holding on to what was or what you thought was and what you thought was supposed to stay but did not, could not.  Tears are designed to let sadness flow out of your heart.

There is hanging on, and there is letting go. In each case, we are talking about illusion. Every dream that ever came true, it is still illusion, you understand.

In the world, everything goes on, yet it is all a golden brick path. Nothing ever was, and everything was not. In a manner of speaking, the world, which is made of matter, has no substance. The world is like a photo.

The extant world does not hold the reliability you desire. There is a tendency for you to see the world as a liability, a…

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We all know who you are, but you have no name

Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

You make excuses to come to Me. No excuses are needed. You make no excuses for breathing air or drinking water. You do not justify your need for them. Your need is a given. It is natural to breathe and to drink. It is also natural to come to Me, to catch up to where you already are. Get over here, and wait not for a reason. Tumble headlong to Me. Don’t putter. Don’t study the situation. Just come.

You do not need a reason to come to Me. It is natural. Your desire for Me is deep. You do not need tragedy to send you to me. Or old age. Or despair. I am not your last resort. In truth, I am your first resort. Come to Me first, and all is taken care of.

All is taken care of now, but you still exert great effort…

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THREE WORLD SPLIT, THE EVENT, AND COVID-19 – by Amanda Lynne – via Asscension Energies .com – 4-10-20

Higher Density Blog


Amanda Lynne– As a young child, I was shown what I call the three-world split. Throughout my life I’ve had glimpses and visions of this. In dreams, meditations, and thought transfer from guides. I only started to put the pieces together after my awakening. The more I was shown, the more the puzzle began to make sense.

Two years ago, March 21 2018, spring equinox, I was in deep meditation, connecting with guides. I experienced, The Event. At the time, I thought it was a vision. But what I’m realizing now, what we think are visions are still in our now, meaning you are in fact experiencing the energetics of it, visions, daydreams, meditation, lucid dreaming, astral projection, they are all the same energetic. Just an altered state of consciousness, another parallel reality that we are tuning into at that now.

What I saw, sensed and…

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The Last Prophecy of Peter Deunov and a Commentary – via Smoking Mirrors – 8-4-20

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Peter Deunov –


Dog Poet Transmitting…....

My dear friends, the time has come to give mention to what is processing into the manifest from a further location. The impact of it is going to be overwhelming. Some of you are aware of the high regard in which I hold Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov. I collect and read his work. It hasn’t been easy to get his books at a reasonable price because people who miss entirely the nature of his message seek to sell the books on eBay for ridiculous sums. Over time, however, I have been able to order several dozen books at an acceptable cost. The Ineffable has made this possible. I ONLY mention this because I do not want you to order books at many times their original cost. If you are patient and care to get your hands on them and SUCH INFORMATION INTERESTS YOU, The…

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Refilling Your Vessel

You are an empty vessel – and frightened that such is so. You feel the need to refill it as quickly as possible. But each 3D action and object you attempt to fill your vessel with feels wrong, lifeless, and boring. Which frightens you even more for that means your earth being has no meaning, no purpose.

COVID is forcing you to go within. For that which is outside of you is now tainted. It is no longer as it once was even if you try to make it so.

You are a new being trying to discover yourself outside yourself. Nothing outside of you will fill you up. It is time for you to project your needs within. What is it you are missing? How can you fill that need from within?

Welcome to Brenda's Blog

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for LifeTapestry

Summary of Brenda’s July 31, 2020, channeled “Creation Energies” show at  As you allow your new you to emerge, you’ll discover your life stresses floating away. Such will likely be disconcerting for you’re so comfortable with stress, you don’t even realize you’re experiencing it. This process is similar to decompressing the first few days of vacation as you shift from the stress of your work-a-day world to relaxing without concerns or schedules.

“Others Will Evolve Without Your Interference” is the title of last week’s “Brenda’s Blog” – her weekly channeled blog for LifeTapestry

Brenda’s “Creation Energies” show and “Brenda’s Blog” contain different channeled information.

Dear Ones,

It seems as if all are sad, mad, or depressed – perhaps including you. You are a beam of sunshine for many, yet you feel as if your beam of light is not…

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David Icke Speaks The Exact Truth About Banking And Usury

Real Currencies

I had always believed he had his heart in the right place in these matters.

Already eight years ago, I wrote this: “While having some problems of his own, David Icke’s message to OWS shows he’s the real deal. In the video he promotes 3 basic issues: the end to power centralization in supra national entities, monetary reform aimed at debt free money printing by the State and the Problem-Reaction-Solution. The last is tactical in nature, but the first two points are fully on target.”

Note that he’s talking about ‘debt free money’ here. I cordially ‘overlooked’ this, because at the time this was the best you would get, and the essence is he was looking to nationalize (away from the Banks) the power of money creation.

We’ve always been sympathetic to debt free money here on RC, if only because it was the classical American Populist solution to…

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SOPHIA LOVE – MESSAGE FROM ‘ONE’ – An Ancestral Correction – 8-1-20

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Posted By:Lymerick
Date: Saturday, 1-Aug-2020 18:39:19

A true Christian spirit desires to spend eternity with God in ...

Received via email – PLEASE SHARE – Lymerick

July 31, 2020 5:50 AM


It is I. It is One.

Hello. Thank you for coming forward.

There are things to say.

These things are stories about your ancestors. These things are summaries about what has happened to your race in the past. These things may shock you to discover. These things are true. Many of them not recorded. Many of them relegated to folklore, tall tales or myth.

You do not have authenticated versions of these, yet they remain within the lifeblood of your race, as a sort of imprint. They have become, and are, an actual part of who you are, and therefore will strike a chord with you once heard.

Some of these things inspire your movies and your stories, yet not most. Most remain unsaid. Most remain known…

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