Mystical Inner Alchemist

Rising Frequencies Blog By Lisa Rising Berry

I have recently been asked several times what to expect during my sessions.  I wrote a short article on this…here is the link…..CLICK HERE.  Now, however, I feel I must go into more detail as the questions I’m currently getting are coming from a deeper level that I did not address in this article.  I didn’t think I needed to until now.  I feel that I offer something that is different and unique.  As a result of this uniqueness I find  it hard to find a label for it.  If I call myself a Holistic Life Coach the clairvoyant minded think it is a joke.  If I call myself a Clairvoyant Holistic Life Coach, the word “clairvoyant” will scare away the ones who aren’t yet very intuitive.  If I call myself a Mystic, then  people expect a basic owl-and-womanpsychic reading, which I don’t do.  There is nothing basic about what I…

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