Operation Empire: They Were Given Missions

The Jesuits have been shaping our world for the last 400 or so years. We now have a Jesuit pope . The Dutch East India Company was founded by the Jesuits and other interesting facts, well worth the read.


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galileo-telescopeJesuit priests and the founding of modern “Science”…

It was written in the archives that Galileo traveled to Rome, in 1611, to present his findings, and was greeted with great acclaim.
He demonstrated his observations of Jupiter to Christopher Clavius, a Jesuit at the Collegio Romano and the most respected astronomer in Europe at the time, who confirmed Galileo’s observations and parts of his theses of planetary motion.

No coincidence that Christopher Clavius was the senior mathematician on the commission for the reform of the calendar that led, in 1582, to the institution of the controversial Gregorian calendar.

Beware of Deceptive Foundations:

  • for Commerce & Bills of Exchange
  • for Institutional Governance
  • for the modern Calendar
  • for Astronomy
  • for cosmology
  • for Science

…and countless other Catholic priests in positions of power and influence.

30Aug2015 Jeranism Rocket Debris ESA Fraud
Are you able to study afresh with improved skills of discernment to critically, examine everything observed?

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