Moon Matrix Reprogrammed By The Restored Frog/Naga Energy Bringing Joy To The World

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I know it has been a long time since my last article, and I have to warn the readers right away, that this is extremely long.  You may have to read it in sections at a time, sorry about that.  I am finally about to share a lot of information that I have received over the years that I did not feel comfortable sharing until now.  The reason being, is that I did not understand it enough to write about it.  Now, I am experiencing some more clarity surrounding astral experiences that happened to me as far back as my childhood.  It’s like seeing my life through new eyes.  It is for this reason that,  I have been working so long on trying to put the pieces together for this article.

This article has been the absolute hardest for me to write.  And that’s because, so much of what I…

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It must be understood that once an intention to awaken has been made (consciously or unconsciously) life experiences become no longer random, but instead are drawn by one’s Higher Self for purposes of learning and awakening. Doors previously closed to the third dimensional consciousness now begin to open, making available guidance and help from the higher dimensions.

MAY 21, 2017 Dear ones, with love and understanding we seek to assist you in your journey out of the miasma of dense illusion and into reality. Life has become a time of tremendous struggle and confusion in a world accustomed to living according to the rules and beliefs of third dimensional consciousness. […]

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Virginia Livingston’s Cancer Cure

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Virginia Livingston

by Mary W Maxwell, LLB

During the last hundred years, a surprisingly large number of doctors  have found ways to cure or alleviate cancer. These ways are not the Big Three – surgery, radiation, and chemo – that are the ones almost exclusively recommended by the profession.

Let’s begin with Virginia Livingston (1906-1990), a graduate of Bellevue Medical School, daughter of Herman Wuerthele, MD (1885-1967). In her first book, Cancer: A New Breakthrough (1972), she claimed a success rate of 82%. Here are four cases:

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Secret Space Program and the Flat Earth, A Program to Induce Infighting

Underground Bases DNA Activation The Unveiling

This could seem semi-depressing to some but I shaped up and depersonalized some emotionally triggered comments I sent to some people who found it hilarious to make fun of the abuse of humanity and the enslavement of their entire bloodline in a false-reality construct.

Research the secret space program. Watch the videos with OffPlanet radio. If you believe they went to the moon then you believe we did as well. Which we very well did, but if you knew what it was you wouldn’t be sitting where you are in that house. You’d have head for the hills long ago. Maybe that is a good thing, then, that you don’t know?

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You Are at the Center of The Shift ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

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“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

It is wonderful to witness the evolution of your consciousness. We have observed many of you shifting on a personal level in ways that you would like to see the entire collective shifting. But you are the ones who are leading the way, and therefore, your personal shifts are the most important ingredient in what is happening on the collective scale. You, living your lives, facing your fears, and releasing your judgments, are more powerful than the governments, the politicians, and even the shadow governments.

Your lives are a microcosm of what is happening on the universal scale, and so you must be willing to see the significance of your role in all of this. Take our word for it. You are the gears that are moving the entire structure, and what you are doing…

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Never Forget

No More Sleeping

To those who are good, to those who are evil and everyone else in between, remember these words from the Celestial Sons:

Celestial Sons
As of now, as you can see, the events on Earth are unfolding.
The concerns of the Celestial Sons are what matter most.
There are many things humans still don’t know about and what lies ahead in these coming times, days and months.
If humans think “those things are not happening or the help will not come,” then you have it wrong in your belief.
There are many things happening right now which you cannot see with any human vision from your eyes.
Things that occur as I speak are very serious enough that newsmen are very hesitant to report to all of you.
They are willing to cover it up with their little entertainments.
The spacecrafts who pass the sun are the spacecrafts who clean the Earth…

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