Arcturian Group Message: Intensity of Events ~ January 6, 2021

Rose Rambles...

Editor’s note: I resonate strongly with this article and the message below. I choose to replace “Divine Consciousness” to that of “Quantum Consciousness”. The actions of the day in Washington D.C. are significant on many levels, yet what a perfect “cover” for action taken by the Light.

For this reason, I urge all to remain calm as actions taken in this “storm” will be for the best for ALL, allowing us to BE in the eye of the storm as we remain in…

Quantum Joy!


Dear ones, we come in love and with respect for you who have lovingly chosen to play a part in earth’s ascension process. You volunteered because you understood that an increase of light would be necessary to lift and open collective consciousness to where it could begin to manifest as a new, more evolved earth.

You were aware before choosing to incarnate that there…

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