Harmony – Unity – Love ❤ ~ November 25, 2020

Rose Rambles...

Pineal glands opening further for All Ascending.

This process has physical side effects that are not discomfortable to most. As the Crown Activates to higher degrees, the Pineal expands further to release the information and instructions pertaining to the Higher Divine Gifts allowed by Each at, and within, this Glorious Time. Your Miraculous ability is heightened beyond anything ever recorded by Man on such a Grand scale.

The September 22 2020 Activation of the Crown Chakra of Gaia is the ultimate and Divine authoritative influence upon reality, controlling winds of change for Humanity to step into their own power and out of the enslavement society created by those with ill intent to control and suppress.

Within governments and politicians, that does not support the liberation Divine Protocol for Humanity, a great sickness comes, Creating the open door for the physical representation of the Light to take the highest positions of…

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