Opinions Aside | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

Strong opinions are often held as fact. Sometimes others’ strong opinion and assumptions shake you and make you shrink. They don’t sway your heart of truth, but they don’t leave room for your truth to raise its head either.

A louder voice is not stronger. It is just louder. An opinion voiced loudly is only an opinion expressed a decibel louder.

Truth is more silent. Truth is silent in its strength.

Stay true to yourself. And make sure that you are not one who gives opinions as pronouncements.

Oh, the intricacies of the world! When a voice is louder than yours, you are left not knowing when to speak up or when to keep silent. It is not for you to set someone straight, yet it is not for you to not be heard either.

When someone sees differently from you, you are taken aback. No one lives…

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