In the Non-Land of Infinity | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

Sadness is one thing, tears are another. Tears are a beautiful release. Sadness is a holding on. It is holding on to what was or what you thought was and what you thought was supposed to stay but did not, could not.  Tears are designed to let sadness flow out of your heart.

There is hanging on, and there is letting go. In each case, we are talking about illusion. Every dream that ever came true, it is still illusion, you understand.

In the world, everything goes on, yet it is all a golden brick path. Nothing ever was, and everything was not. In a manner of speaking, the world, which is made of matter, has no substance. The world is like a photo.

The extant world does not hold the reliability you desire. There is a tendency for you to see the world as a liability, a…

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