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We all know who you are, but you have no name

Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

You make excuses to come to Me. No excuses are needed. You make no excuses for breathing air or drinking water. You do not justify your need for them. Your need is a given. It is natural to breathe and to drink. It is also natural to come to Me, to catch up to where you already are. Get over here, and wait not for a reason. Tumble headlong to Me. Don’t putter. Don’t study the situation. Just come.

You do not need a reason to come to Me. It is natural. Your desire for Me is deep. You do not need tragedy to send you to me. Or old age. Or despair. I am not your last resort. In truth, I am your first resort. Come to Me first, and all is taken care of.

All is taken care of now, but you still exert great effort…

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