THREE WORLD SPLIT, THE EVENT, AND COVID-19 – by Amanda Lynne – via Asscension Energies .com – 4-10-20

Higher Density Blog


Amanda Lynne– As a young child, I was shown what I call the three-world split. Throughout my life I’ve had glimpses and visions of this. In dreams, meditations, and thought transfer from guides. I only started to put the pieces together after my awakening. The more I was shown, the more the puzzle began to make sense.

Two years ago, March 21 2018, spring equinox, I was in deep meditation, connecting with guides. I experienced, The Event. At the time, I thought it was a vision. But what I’m realizing now, what we think are visions are still in our now, meaning you are in fact experiencing the energetics of it, visions, daydreams, meditation, lucid dreaming, astral projection, they are all the same energetic. Just an altered state of consciousness, another parallel reality that we are tuning into at that now.

What I saw, sensed and…

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