SOPHIA LOVE – MESSAGE FROM ‘ONE’ – An Ancestral Correction – 8-1-20

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Posted By:Lymerick
Date: Saturday, 1-Aug-2020 18:39:19

A true Christian spirit desires to spend eternity with God in ...

Received via email – PLEASE SHARE – Lymerick

July 31, 2020 5:50 AM


It is I. It is One.

Hello. Thank you for coming forward.

There are things to say.

These things are stories about your ancestors. These things are summaries about what has happened to your race in the past. These things may shock you to discover. These things are true. Many of them not recorded. Many of them relegated to folklore, tall tales or myth.

You do not have authenticated versions of these, yet they remain within the lifeblood of your race, as a sort of imprint. They have become, and are, an actual part of who you are, and therefore will strike a chord with you once heard.

Some of these things inspire your movies and your stories, yet not most. Most remain unsaid. Most remain known…

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