TRANSCENDANCE over the power of DEATH – Arriving at COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS – via Paul Butler @ Prime Disclosure – 6-15-20

Higher Density Blog


Ten of Twelve

These codes were transmitted on Friday 5th June 2020 in the collective field, cocreated live on this platform.

Seeding Alchemy, Custodians of the Flame

Central to our unwinding is Trust.

Here we meet with the mysterious Voidal dragons who come with the Air and Cosmic Dragons to remind us of our inner Alchemy and Magic.

This is a catalyst code, a deep inwards gaze to anchor your seed into the firmament and develop resilience and an inwards trust of your Divine light.

All is well.

All is as it is.

In the Void the time and space breaks down, into a singularity. We cannot really KNOW what it IS to be ONE wholly as we have also chosen to EMBODY the essence or a holographic dot of the whole in a representation we call life.

This code takes you into the darkness…

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