Sophia – ONE & the end of days ~ March 3, 2019

In every encounter and each interaction, look for the love. If you do not see it or feel it, take note and focus elsewhere. 
For this moment for you now is primarily one of self-direction. 
This direction takes you to the place you have determined will fulfill your destiny. Grab hold and steer with a clear heart and joy. For you’ve done it, and you’ve done it without hand holding. Beyond a shadow of doubt, you’ve embodied autonomy. You will not be shackled. You are no longer shackled. It is now upon you to embody the freedom you’ve created for your race. This is the thrill for which you’ve arrived at all. It will not be had casually, but lived intentionally and with force. All of these are the elements of the powerful, unique and beautiful being that is human. I am complete. 
Thank you. 

Rose Rambles...

Hello everyone and welcome to March!

have a beautiful conversation to share today, that took place quite
early this morning. There are some startling changes taking place for me
and those closest to me right now. They are not bad, I would even say
they are necessary when you step back a bit and look at what we are
proceeding through overall. Yet they are unexpected and demand of a bit
of fortitude to proceed through. What I sense about this moment we enter
is that it requires constant consciousness. It means to ask us if we
are serious about this, and if so, we have to rise up and push through
all of the fear and uncertainty. This is not a time to rest on habit. It
is a moment of action.

Here are a few unusual news items that I found intriguing:

Strange new island or mere…

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