Aluna Ash-9D – Quantum Shift, Energy Update, March 2019 – Entering A New Density Wave – 3-1-19

Higher Density Blog

Aluna Ash- 9D

Published on Mar 1, 2019

Everything I share is based off of my own perception, it may not resonate with everyone!


Galactic Portal open- galactic activations starting around March 3rd. Not because of 3/3/3 Its Based off galactic cycles- The Mayan cycles & also traditional astrology is supporting this as well. I go by 26,000 yr cycles, 144,000, 52 yr, 13yr 7yr, etc..- they line up at different points.

This is a great time to use sacred numbers connected to your unique horoscope- yantras. Month of the magical black Jag.🐅🐆 remember, mercury retograde is NOT a negative thing. Thats a program.. it depends on your perspective. Retrogrades help us spiritually & connected to other dimensional aspects of ourselves. Pay close attention to the words coming through unconsciously- you will see patterns.

We are moving through a new radio…

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