Our Friend, The Ether (Part 7)

 Scientific Romances, C.H. Hinton compared liquid spreading out on paper to gases “spilled” from the fourth dimension. Liquid spilled on paper becomes thinner until it merges with the flatness of the page. So too dense gases in the fourth dimension become “fully dispersible” in three-dimensional space. Some “force” in the fourth dimension drives material out into the third dimension. [3]

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“The world rests upon an elephant,” said the master to his disciples. None of the disciples spoke. But then one of them, a traveler who had journeyed to the West, where a habit of mind unlike that of the contemplative East was prevalent, asked a restless question: “And on what does the elephant rest?”

“Upon a tortoise,” the master replied.

That was then. But now the restless disciple would have asked “On what does the tortoise rest?” and so on ad infinitum.

The question of the restless disciple “was a misfortune if the possession of fact knowledge is a boon. For what could have been a more apt description of this all-supporting elastic solid ether than the broad arching back of the largest animal known on earth – the created being that could bear the most, and of all not-human creatures, the most intelligent and responsive?” [1]

“The master…

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