Everyone is Talking About the Obliterated/Hijacked Civilization of Tartaria [videos] ~ February 19, 2019

Rose Rambles...

The historical implications of the information below are so
staggering in their proportion that I had to process it for some time
before I could even speak of it. The proof is right under our noses, yet
the secret persisted. Why?

We understand the controllers have long manipulated our history on
this planet, messed with time and that great evil befell a high
civilization. Now we are dealing with the cleanup process—and in the
nick of time, if my suspicions are correct. More on that below.

What I hadn’t heard until just recently was that so much trouble had
been taken to erase the knowledge of a pre-existing civilization that
spanned the entire planet after a war.

The ornate buildings, towers, columns, bridges, structures and
architecture we still see standing were built by an advanced people with
a much better understanding of science than the marauders who stole


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