Sylphs Love To Eat Chemtrails!

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Starrgram 10: SYLPHS

Sylphs were originally called Midway Spirits, so called because they were matrixed halfway between Man and animals. They were considered very enigmatic at the time because they did not exist anywhere else in Creation and nobody had a clue about what they were for. In actuality, they were to have been the initiating fauna for the new Super Universe in Andromeda already in its initial stages of start up as explained in detail in Starrgram 12 of the Intelligent Design of Creation.

As they had no Christ rudder, when the Luciferians came to Earth six hundred and fifty million years ago the Midways were easy prey. Those that aligned with the Luciferians shrunk in Substance and became Gremlins. Those that did not became known as Sylphs. In some cultures they are called Thunderbirds, in others Wingmakers, and Dragons in others yet again.

Like lower octave Fourth Dimensional…

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