Emmanuel Dagher: Equinox Message

Perfect timing,for the perfect message.
Thank you

Forever Unlimited

Emmanuel Dagher:
Equinox Message

My beautiful friend,

We have entered the Equinox doorway (which will peak officially at 9:54pm Eastern Time on September 22nd.)
This is the time where those living in the Northern Hemisphere prepare for Autumn, and those in Southern Hemisphere embark on the return of Spring.
The Equinox creates a powerful opening for humanity to help us evolve into higher states of consciousness.
The Equinox represents the energy of unity, where the sacred feminine & masculine merge as one, creating opportunities for us to transcend duality within our selves, and expand ourselves enough to anchor the Light into our planet so that we can continue to evolve up the ladder of evolution quickly.
During an Equinox we are often internally guided to connect with the stillness within us,and to center ourselves.
Taking a peaceful walk out in nature, having a few good belly laughs, singing, dancing, painting…

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