Rising Frequencies Blog By Lisa Rising Berry

Hello Everyone,

Wow, this is such an exciting time to be alive on planet Earth.  Things are heating up quickly and the changes are coming in so fast that it’s hard to keep up.

I wanted to write about my ET reading with Lisa Gawlas.  I have mentioned her many times in my articles, as my friend that makes me feel not crazy.  We are very connected and we tend to “see” the same things, but from different perspectives.  

Before I write about her reading, I need to explain to those that are not familiar with my recent work.

I have been working with the Elemental worlds, and the Goddesses that are connected to those realms for a long time using the 5 Elements ritual I learn from my Bon Tradition.  It has changed my life. Three years ago I began performing this ritual for clients. I wrote an…

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