Wow! My personal message from ONE ~ July 1, 2018

Rose Rambles...

There I was in bed on Sunday morning, when something prompted me to get up and write. I got up and turned our Wi-Fi back on, but didn’t want to wait for the computer system to come up, so I grabbed a pen and paper on my night stand (I had been recording dreams),and this is what flowed out with no conscious thought:

“This is ONE”..You are loved. It is time for you to understand Who you really ARE. You 3D life is done, finished and over. You must focus on 5D life and principles which do not include 3D principles.

Your former boss and work experience will be “taken care of” by others. Let go, and see the light shining on that situation by others. Your livelihood will stem from 5D activity. This will be made known to you in the month of July.

Do not worry as you…

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