Herewith Oneness Speaks | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light


God said:

Yes, it is to you I speak. When your eye happens to fall on this page, you can believe I am eager to speak with you with all the love in My heart. I do not order you to hear Me, yet, of course, I do invite you. This is an open-ended invitation. Oh, yes, I would like you to breeze into My heart. Hear Me. Find Me. Know Me. Engage with Me. This is My overture to you. I seek you as clearly as the day seeks the Sun. You can believe that I yearn for you. Let’s read the Book of Love together as One.

Herewith Oneness Speaks.

What did you think? That I could forget about you or lose My interest in you? Definitely not. You and I cannot be separated. The fact is that We, you and I, are eternally connected. Separateness is no…

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