Unpleasant Truth of White Men Slavery in Europe

Vexman's Thoughts

This is the first post about the slave trade of white people, where I looked at some of the earliest written records of such slavery. It was discovering records about the slavery of my own, Slavic spoken people, which really stunned me since I have never read or learned about it. It as well forces me to realize the possibility that many of my ancestors may have perished as slaves. But just how did that happen? In my mind, the Slavic people are too proud and of a most upright posture, impossible to be fully tamed if shackled. Yet the records I was able to read have proven me wrong in the perception of my own kind of people. It was something I really did not expect to discover while researching about the slave trade of white people of medieval Europe. And it still echoes as an extremely hard fact…

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