VERA INGEBORG – – THE EVENT – Learning to Live the Unconditional Life – by Love Has

Higher Density Blog


The shifts happening at the moment are beyond anything we have seen and experienced before. Many are waiting for “the Event”. The current energies are challenging yet again. Nevertheless, the potential for quantum leaps into new earth has never been bigger.

“The Event is coming.” We read it everywhere. And it is true, the potential for big shifts is off the charts. Yet, the event is an inner event that manifests in our reality. Only when we have found our inner balance and have worked through and transcended all of our ego-patterns and “shadows”, our reality and experience will be different. The energetic corridor we are in, offers this potential. So… it is another paradox. As long as we are waiting for “the Event” to happen to shift us into a new reality, it won’t. As long as we are waiting for something outside of us for…

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