Trauma-Based Mind Control and Amnesia Walls

Because we have been silent and manipulated for so long we have forgotten the way things really work. Trusting intuition, inner knowledge, focusing on self-awareness and solving entanglements through neutrality instead of duality.

DNA Activation The Unveiling

This is a little all over the place. The use of trauma began thousands of years ago as part of an old world order.

These traumatic experiences are largely virtual in that they are technologically generated and simulated to the individual. For all intents and purposes, the experience is mentally accurate, however the difference between biologically accessible reality and a technologically altered version must be understood in order to move to a better space.

These could be considered other ‘times’, ‘planes’, ‘realities’, or virtual simulations that are as accurate as the real thing to the brain.

Trauma is used to create amnesia walls which separate memory and cognitive function.

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