The Eye: What It Is, What It Will Do… Soon [videos] ~ Feb. 21, 2018

Rose Rambles...

Very interesting article by Starship Earth this morning. as it seems the Earth may be about to undergo quite a change for the spiritually minded population. Wouldn’t it be really nice if something were about to happen on our beleaguered planet?

So…please read this article, know that Love is always the answer, and…


Pardon the language; I know “soon” is our most hated four-letter word. I’m just the messenger. This time we have a date; a short window, if you will. I’m just the messenger.

Many sources have informed us that a cosmic event is enroute that will effect great change for Humanity. There have been varying reports on the details, but overall, it seems that a sudden shift, a boost in energy/vibration/frequency is expected, as well as telepathic gifts the awakened will receive while others won’t.

A couple of sources have spoken of “the eye”, and that it…

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