MIKE QUINSEY – Channeling his Higher Self – 1-19-18 – New Abilities – Living in Harmony

The time of change is upon you, so keep positive and do not waste your energy on negative thoughts. Unless you still have karma to clear, you should be able to enjoy a smooth path to advance you ever forwards.

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Yet again I find that Kryon has put out a message that contains very important information that will help to increase people’s awareness and understanding. It also tells us how we are going to helped to learn how to get on with each other. The idea of war will be replaced by tolerant and peaceful intentions. Learn about the new triad that is the new consciousness and realise that with the upliftment of the vibrations, Mankind is leaving the old paradigm behind as it has served its purpose, and makes way for a new one. Have no doubt that a new era has begun, and once the old ways are disempowered progress will speed up as that which has been hidden will be revealed. You the people are already helping create a new future that will be one of peace and loving intentions. 


The following is an…

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MELINE PORTIA LAFONT – Super Blue Blood Moon – January and personal update – 1-19-18

There is something magical aligning in this sphere and it is that of resurrection. Those who have been feeling depleted will refrain from further mortification and instead make room for internal realization and take a turn in their life. This turn will no longer be twisted, but bold and clear. 

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Meline Portia Lafont
Beloveds and precious hearts,
I wish you all a very beautiful and potent, loving new SOLAR year in the Now moment. I have been away and offline for about 1 month after writing a very honest and open article about my current personal situation. I wanted to share an update with you all as many have been wondering and emailing me. After this personal update I will also share a bit about this current moment, the Super Blue Blood Moon and the energies of January.
I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for the amazing support I have been receiving from you during a difficult time. After my December article I received a tremendous amount of support in the form of donations and emails. I am amazed and still in AWE of how much Love and support was lend to me. The donations that…

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Rising Frequencies Blog By Lisa Rising Berry

Today, January 11, 2018, on a energetic level is a very powerful day.   It coincides with my article I wrote yesterday about the Jewish New Year of 5778, and how it connects to this year, and the changing of the energetic vibration of our infinity symbol.

We have the 11th day of the 1st month in a 11 year.  This gives us a total of 5 1’s.  5 is the number of change, and things are certainly changing, but this type of change has been a long awaiting one.  Jewish scholars have been writing about this time since the original separation of the waters of the firmament took place.   They have been waiting for this year of 5778 for the two calendars to merge.   These 2 calendars can kind of be considered timelines on a broader scale I suppose.  But they really are the waters of the firmament that are…

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Rising Frequencies Blog By Lisa Rising Berry

Hello everyone…Tashi delek and Happy New Year!

I apologize for such a huge gap in between articles.  My last big article was written at the end of October.  It was after this rebirth experience I went through.  That event triggered another series of energetic events that where supported by my new Tibetan Bon Rituals I learned, as well as a powerful Ati Meditation Retreat.   I studied with the proper qualified teachers and received the energetic transmissions.  Spending time with my teachers in person, Skype and emails also support this transition.  I would not be where I am now without them, and that is a fact.  I take refuge in them, they support me, give me advice, warm compassionate energy, and then kick me out into the cold world to do my work.   This is what a good teacher does, they don’t let you get attached to them.  

pour-out-your-heartSpirit told…

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