Rising Frequencies Blog By Lisa Rising Berry

I have been writing in my articles and speaking on my radio show about a time that would come when the energies on this planet would begin to hit a level that we have never seen before.  I didn’t know when this would happen, but I knew it was not in the far off distant future.  I have been watching and writing about this increase of Aether/Space element for several years.  And now, it is finally making its way into peoples bodies.  

birkeland-currents-4I have written about the Mu Chord energy, which is two cords of plasma (Aether/Space) wrapped around each other.  (You can look for my articles from previous years for more information about the science of the Mu Chord)  Modern science calls this Birkeland Currents.  These currents that make up the Mu Chord are electrical, and are connected directly to our heart energy.  Now that the amount of…

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