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Dear ES Family,

As things are heating up now in the external fields, there is an incredible amount of confusion that is intentionally being used to spread the forces of chaos and obfuscation, as well as many new players rising. Both human and nonhuman groups have been jockeying for position to gain the most advantage in the strategic chess game that is happening on the earth at this time. We are ending a creation cycle and moving into a new platform for morphogenesis, a platform which has changed architecture, in which many of these forces are attempting to reverse engineer what is currently happening in the field architecture. The observation is upon what is shifting in the timelines now so that those that seek to control the outcome of the false timelines in the future can reproduce their previous AI control mechanisms, as they attempt to gain total…

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Message to Humanity and the Earth ~ It is Time ~ Nov. 5, 2017

Let’s all do our part by adhering to Universal Law, refusing to participate in anything which would cause harm to humanity and the Earth and hold the leadership, political, business, and religious to the same standard. You are not alone. The greater force is with you.

Rose Rambles...

By James Gilliland, November 2017

We are going to reveal some information that will be similar too and as controversial as a message delivered over 2000 years ago. Yet this message will not be in fables and allegory it deals with facts. This story goes back over 460,000 years. It is time for America and the World to wake up, grow up and end the ignorance in beliefs that have nothing to do with God or the origins of Humanity. You no longer have the luxury of remaining in ignorance and acting outside of Universal Law. What is being done in the name of God and Country is an abomination. Now at the expense of being labeled as spiritually and politically incorrect, which is another mind control program we are going to drop some heavies on you. Only when you know the truth, only then can you break the chains…

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we are the fallen,









All Chang9
The New Dimensional Shift




Major shift that took place in and around Sunday either-side, the earth shifted at least 2 dimensions higher on Sunday.

Mass meditation took place, with or without us, how, trance like feelings, going in when you are being called as we move further into becoming under the balance of Cosmic Order.

We are going to see more shifts because the 3rd Dimensional-world is now being destroyed.

The internet 3rd-eye is flaky, this antenna is hot, the connection points are running red, crown is fused and the circuit is brimming.

The internet, web-universe is moving slower, density, spent feelings, connection is concentrated, time has sped up even faster, many are noticing.

This shift is designed to destroy the mechanisms and the false dimensions that the negative have created.


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