Update on Toxic Nuclear Clouds, Orbs, Sonic Booms, Energetic Pulses from Antarctica and More [videos] ~ Nov. 23, 2107

Rose Rambles...

And the battle continues…except that most of humanity doean’t know about the battle! Please read this post from Starship earth which accurately describes what’s been goin’ on under our very noses..

According to sources, we are now in the “end game” for control of Earth, so please enjoy this holiday with your friends and family as Earthers will NOT see another Thanksgiving with the present set of circumstances. Our next should be much better and holds so very much promise for our world!

Please read this log which offers much good info for those “new” to the hidden scene we all live under, consider the validity of your rejections (MSM…really?), and…


We may not have a traditional WWIII, but the drums of war are most certainly beating with a lively staccato on this American Thanksgiving Day.

Whether we consider the leak in Russia a nuclear accident or sabotage, it’s…

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