Valiant: Knock Knock…The Hour Glass…ATLANTIS…

Spirit Train Chronicles

*song* “What to Do” by Alias

Time and time again…the more time passes,
The more things change
The more they stay then same.
No Fortune Teller, no mystic can challenge this…
But perhaps a miracle can.

When destiny has played its course
A thousand times over, the stars align
To chance reality with a gift…
For those brave enough to chase it…
The will Forges manifestation…
For some it’s stronger than others,
For those that sit and wait…more
Waiting comes…But for those that
Chase a dream…it’s very different…
In the end, One champions all others…

“And here we will write and impart
The next story,” Varence said, as
He leaned forward with an imposing
Serious look. “It is not fiction, nor
Fantasy, only what must be told.
Spare and ignore the fool that calls
It made up…They never pay attention
To anything, however they do provide

“Oh how…

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