A Quiet Land | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light


God said:

Ah, there is a place that exists, and you are invited. This is a Quiet Place. In the center of a maelstrom lies this Quiet Place.

In the world where winds blow, the eye of the hurricane lies within you. In the midst of a huge storm, which you may witness and believe in, there lies this calmness. It awaits you. Be assured that this quiet place is within you. It always exists. It is yours. It is you. Reveal and enter. Sink into it, this Quiet Land within you.

The way someone might put a shawl around his shoulders, so do you have the opportunity to enter this Quiet Place. Find it. You have it. Everyone has it. This Place of Calm is your Center. This is where, in Truth, you abide. This is you. This is the real you. Always you are free to enter here…

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