Six (6) months and a few hours later

We just lost a close family member this past week.
Its hard to come up with words when your heart is greif stricken.


Six months ago today (about 3am eastern time) my 25 year old daughter passed from this life, my wife wrote an open letter and I’m sharing it here, now…




An open letter to whoever came up with the idea that having a funeral after a tragic loss was a really great idea: Your idea sucks.
Holding a funeral for a child immediately after they’ve passed away is a TERRIBLE idea.
6 months ago today, I lost my daughter. It’s not intentional that I’m writing this just about the hour that everything happened, it’s just that this is the same time each night I wake and relive it all wether I want to or not.
In the following hours after she passed, as I waited for my son’s to board their planes and friends and family made preparations to come to Georgia, my mind was only filled with…

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