Peroxide/Red Wine Test, Chemtrails, SAN, Sweat Ducts, 5G IoT


Synthetic Advanced Nanotechnology also known as Morgellons

To see Morgellons/SAN fibers ‘live’ start the video around 11:11 minutes. Fibers are visible until 12:37, followed by a doctor who speaks briefly about Synthetic Advanced Nanotechnology not from this planet, and a German Scientist Harald Kautz-Vella who states: self replicating hollow fibers are being sprayed [chemtralis] that read the light finger print of your DNA, transforms it into an electromagnetic radio signal that is detectable via satellite and ground stations.

On July 22, 2017 I repeated the peroxide/wine test, only this time I vigorously shook 1 tsp peroxide/2 tsp Merlot red wine [from the same wine test July 20.17] in a small glass jar for 5:36 minutes. The mixture is visible in the following picture, and there are no synthetic advanced nanotechnology fibers. If anyone perceives the fibers expelled from the mouths of humans are from interaction between peroxide and…

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