Health Care, Part 4:  Obamacare Out, Charity In

Gumshoe News

Jesus healed ten lepers

by Mary W Maxwell, currently a candidate for US Senate

This article recaps the three earlier parts of my Health Care series, and makes a comment on helping the sick by charity. Part 1said please look at power plays.  Part 2 spotlighted our habit of shying away from calling Dr Bradstreet’s death an out-and-out murder even though there is no chance of it being anything other than an out-and-out murder. Heck, we don’t even demand that the “logical” culprits be brought in for questioning. This is a big mistake — anger toward a wrongdoer is one of the main ways to get a behavior changed. Part 3 covered the heroic life of Nick Gonzalez, MD, working for cancer patients. 

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